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Empowering government agencies across the US

Samsara provides government agencies real-time data to elevate their citizen services, maximize taxpayer dollars, and keep their communities safe.

Public Works & Sanitation
Fire & Ems
Winter & Snow Operations

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Extract greater value from your operations with real-time GPS

  • Vehicle Tracking

    Instantly locate vehicles, keep tabs on utilization and prevent breakdowns with live engine diagnostics and preventative maintenance schedules.

  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Site Monitoring
  • Reporting & Alerts
Service Delivery & Citizen Response

Leverage data to provide better services to your community

  • Proximity Search

    Quickly respond to claims by verifying service vehicle locations to inform action and protect the reputation of the Municipality or State.

  • Service Coverage Map
  • Event Capture
  • Mobile Workflows
City of Boston

See how Boston Public Works optimized their services with Samsara.

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Community & Employee Safety

Reduce safety incidents on the road or at your facilities

  • 360° Visibility

    Reduce preventable injuries and fatalities with intelligent security cameras, AI dash cams, side, rear, and interior video for instant livestream.

  • Operational Safety
  • Driver Coaching
  • Incident Response
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See how the City and County of Denver reduced distracted driving by 98% and safety incidents overall by 94%.

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Analyze performance to uncover improvements and cost reduction opportunities

Operational EfficiencyOperational Efficiency

Consolidated Cloud Platform

Get the most out of your existing systems with open APIs, integrations, and OEMs and make it simple to sync your routing or navigation data.

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Centralized Video Management

Streamline footage from vehicle and security cameras in a centralized dashboard and easily retrieve footage for when you need it.

Sustainability & EV

Meet sustainability targets and enforce green fleet policies by monitoring idling, emissions, fuel and energy use, and transition to EVs.

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Leveraging Grants to Facilitate Smart Projects in the Public Sector

Government Agencies are Transforming Physical Operations to Gain Efficiency and Resilience

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Learn more about GPS tracking

What is government fleet management?

Samsara's electronic logging device is an FMCSA-registered ELD that connects directly to a vehicle's engine through the OBD port. Live data is transmitted to the ELD so there is always an accurate log of when the engine is on and what speed the vehicle is traveling, as well as diagnostic information, such as engine fault codes, and safety information, such as instances of harsh braking or acceleration. Read more.

Is Samsara an approved government vendor?

Yes, Samsara is a Government approved vendor. Samsara is an approved vendor for some of the most common government contracts and cooperative purchasing which allows state and local governments to purchase a variety of commercial supplies (products) and services under specific contracts to save time, money and meet their everyday needs and missions. For example, GSA, SourceWell, Peppm as well as through a channel or reseller partner, such as CDWG, SHI, Transfinder Edulog etc. Samsara has partnered with hundreds of government agencies across the United States. 

Samsara’s IoT Gateways, Camera Modules, Environmental Monitors, and Accessories are NDAA-compliant. Samsara Fleet products, its chipsets, and other technology components listed here do not come from the list of prohibited Chinese companies in the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 (NDAA). Read more 

What solutions does Samsara have for us? What can Samsara do?

Managing a government fleet of vehicles, heavy duty public works service vehicles, assets, equipment and public and employee facilities can be challenging, no matter the agency or fleet size. Samsara provides government agencies with advanced cloud-based technology for real-time visibility into their operations to track vehicle location and diagnostics and monitor service coverage and material usage. Confidently ensure that community roads or trash bins are efficiently serviced. Government agencies across the US use Samsara to keep their citizens informed, communities safe, and improve response times. The Samsara connected cloud platform enables governments of all sizes to harness the power of real-time data from sensors, cameras, and OEM integrations, and centralize all their operational data, across previously isolated departments like snow operations, solid waste and sanitation, street cleaning and public works — all on one unified platform. Benefits of Samsara’s unique unified platform include: complete operational visibility in a single dashboard across fleets, maintenance costs, safety to coach drivers equipment and facilities, streamlined workflows, accessible mobile app, plug ’n’ play & easy to use, and 24/7 US based customer support.

Government agencies use Samsara for telematics, maintenance, real-time GPS, safety Dash cams, side rear and interior camera footage,driver coaching, Vision Zero, fuel management, idling and PTO monitoring, electrification and electric vehicle transitioning and monitoring as well as surveillance and safety at facilities and remote locations

For government Fleet Managers, and City Managers some of the benefits of using Samsara include: real-time visibility, elevated citizen services, community and employee safety, immediate incident response, increased efficiency, reduced operational costs, optimized vehicle performance, automated workflows, streamlined compliance.  Read and watch these case studies to see how other Government agencies have improved their operations with Samsara: City of Fort Lauderdale, City of Syracuse, City of Boston, Athens Clarke County 

How does Samsara help with our (Vision Zero, Clean Cities) initiatives?

Many governments have various City or State mandated initiatives like Vision Zero, Clean Cities etc. that they work towards with the help of technology and smart fleet camera and driving habits tools that they invest in, Samsara’s connected platform can greatly improve these efforts across most initiatives that span across efficiency, safety and sustainability. Vision Zero is a global movement to end traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries by taking a systemic approach to road safety- an approach that is widely used across public agencies and government municipalities. The goal of Vision Zero is to reduce all preventable road deaths and fatal injuries to zero, and deemed unacceptable. Samsara is a proud member and partner of Together for Safer roads (TSR), read more on how agencies can accelerate their in-cab fleet safety to coach drivers and optimize safe operations, through technology to promote a stronger safety culture such as dash cam solutions and dash cam video to capture driving events. Government agencies use Samsara to improve their community and employee safety and achieve vision zero goals with industry leading camera technology across their fleet and their facilities and remote locations. Having real-time visibility and AI tools to monitor driving behaviors, harsh braking, road conditions and facility  surveillance help government agencies across the U.S. take the necessary steps to achieving their vision zero goals.  Government agencies do that with telematics, real-time GPS, Safety Dash cams / dash cameras, side rear and interior camera footage,  driver coaching as well as  surveillance and safety at facilities and remote locations

Clean Cities is another example of an initiative that can be achieved in partnership with Samsara. Government fleets have unique requirements for environmental and sustainability management  when it comes to reduction or mandates for greenhouse gas emissions, electrification transition goals for EV and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and optimizing vehicle inventory as it is directly tied to public funds and taxpayer dollars. Clean Cities initiatives work to advance affordable, domestic transportation fuels, energy efficient mobility systems, and other fuel-saving technologies and practices.Samsara is a proud partner and member with various Clean City Coalitions across the nation. Government agencies do that with smart tools to monitor fuel management, idling and idle time, fuel costs, and PTO monitoring, electrification and electric vehicle transitioning and monitoring. Not only does Samsara work to build smart tools that promote sustainability - Samsara is also  committed to minimizing environmental impact as well and are taking steps to make Samsara a carbon-neutral business and reach net-zero emissions. 

Does Samsara work with other municipalities or districts?

Yes Samsara works and partners with hundreds of public agencies and government municipalities across the U.S. Read and watch these case studies to see how other Government agencies have improved their operations with Samsara: City of Fort Lauderdale, City of Syracuse, City of Boston, Athens Clarke County, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Agency (MBTA, City of Sacramento, Washington County Sheriff, City of Cocoa helping them leverage a variety of smart cloud based technology for tracking solutions, tracking devices, dash cam solutions, dash cam system, video telematics, real-time reporting, alerts and notifications to provide safer operations that reduce false claims with instant video recording and video upload for immediate video evidence.

What are some challenges that most public fleets face?

Government fleet management or public fleet management face unique challenges and are generally more challenging to manage due to the wide variety of assets and equipment that are needed to support communities and infrastructure.Different from private entities, public services need to be delivered regardless of profitability or resource constraints.In fact citizen expectations of their municipality or government agency are sometimes higher than that of their private for pay vendors- due to the fact that it is funded by taxpayer dollars and tied to elected officials. Citizens expect their service in a timely fashion and in the most efficient, safe and sustainable way because they know it is coming out of their hard earned tax dollars, and therefore citizen expectations are high. Some of the specific challenges include:

  • Public fleets and public works vehicles are needed at peak community times, like snowstorms, community events that leave streets dirty, or overflowing trash - knowing where they are, in what condition they are and in and their status and efficiency are key to delivering efficient citizen services. 

  • Many of the Public works vehicles are specialized heavy duty vehicles that are complex and expensive to operate. Inefficient routes, or excess material usage (snow, brine, water etc.)  can cost a city thousands of unnecessary taxpayer dollars on every run and damage community infrastructure (such as streets and water) and hurt the environment.  

  • Public works departments measure their success by their service deliverability and citizen transparency. Many of these services are critical to a citizen’s day to day routine and  well being and require efficient delivery and communication. Citizens want to know where and when the service will/has been completed so that they can go about their day. A small delay in snow operations could greatly impact a citizens work, childcare or healthcare needs. 

  • Delivering these critical services have a direct and indirect impact on the community’s safety; sanitation or snow removal, road conditions (tree down, snow blocked road etc.), community infrastructure or property damage, and road or driver fatalities.  Ex. 24% of weather-related crashes happen during snowy weather, nearly 1,300 people killed and 116,800 injured each year on snowy, icy, or slushy pavement 

  • Municipalities and government agencies across the US have set lofty zero emissions targets and are looking for the right data to help them achieve those goals. Many of these agencies also have unique requirements for environmental and sustainability management  when it comes to reduction or mandates for greenhouse gas emissions, electrification transition goals for EV and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and optimizing vehicle inventory as it is directly tied to public funds and taxpayer dollars. 

How can we improve driver safety or asset utilization with Samsara?

Fleet safety is a hot topic—for good reason especially for government fleets. Due to rising accident rates, increased in-cab distractions, and skyrocketing legal settlements, fleet managers increasingly see safety as not only a risk to their drivers, but also to their insurance costs. For example: according to the Solid Waste Association of North America, SWANA, solid waste collectors are in the top five most dangerous jobs. It’s very important for government staff and their communities to remain safe. Public fleets manage large trucks that drive down small community roads, with people on their phones and headphones not always paying attention as they cross the road- so without proper tools to ensure drivers are driving safely and not distracted, community fatalities will rise. People don't treat waste trucks like they treat a school bus, citizens don’t always see the person hanging off the side of the truck, or understand that the person needs to jump off and cross the road to access waste. Fleet managers have access to a wide variety of fleet safety technologies that fleet owners are adopting today. Some of the most advanced dash cams, such as Samsara AI Dash Cams, use a combination of g-force sensor data and embedded artificial intelligence (AI) to detect a wide range of hard-to-detect incidents, like distracted driving and tailgating, and even offer in-cab alerts to help drivers react to risk factors before an accident occurs. Today, there are a variety of additional camera configurations that can help solve a variety of different problems: Front-facing dash cams and dual-facing dash cams, exterior cameras to capture a 360° view of the surrounding road, rear-facing exterior cameras as well as interior cameras to ensure safety in or behind the vehicle. 

Asset utilization is extremely important in the public sector, and necessary for emergency relief prep like for generators or street lighting, without proper equipment or asset visibility and utilization reporting, a municipality can find without properly functioning equipment in a time of an emergency. A telematics solution that provides real-time GPS equipment tracking and utilization data can increase visibility. This can help government agencies track utilization in real time and make informed, data-based decisions more easily without the need for manual tracking. Samsara is a complete equipment monitoring solution that combines the power of IoT Asset Gateways and cloud-based reporting tools to help you track equipment utilization. With Samsara equipment tracking, you can get real-time remote access to engine diagnostics and insights from automated reports for everything from unpowered assets to construction equipment. Not only does this increase visibility into equipment utilization, but it can help save time locating equipment, prevent unauthorized use, and reduce technician response times. Benefits of using Samsara for asset utilization include equipment rightsizing and more efficient equipment allocation. Read more 

How can Samsara's BAR CTP integration help government fleets bypass manual smog check inspections?

Samsara has been officially approved to participate in the California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) Continuous Testing Pilot (CTP) and can now help eligible government fleets bypass in-person smog emissions testing in California by capturing vehicle diagnostic data via our Vehicle Gateway. With Samsara’s certified BAR CTP integration, BAR now has the ability to grant compliant vehicles that are enrolled in the CTP a passing score on their Smog Check, without the additional hassle of a manual inspection.

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