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Explore the largest open ecosystem of turnkey integrations

As the system of record for your physical operations, Samsara extends the value of its platform through the largest open ecosystem of 3rd party integrations. Boost efficiency, maximize investments, and weather the ever-changing needs of your business with single source of truth operations data shared across all of your applications.

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Maximize workflow efficiency and streamline knowledge management

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Improve workflows

Connect all of your applications to improve productivity and efficiency at every level of your operations.

Simplify knowledge management

Manage data overload to reduce time and effort spent accessing, measuring, and analyzing information dispersed across multiple systems.

Connect disparate systems

Make smart, informed decisions, using timely insights when all of your systems connected to the command center for your physical operations data.

Break down siloes to strive towards business goals together

Foster business alignment

Maintain organization-wide focus on business objectives, from management teams and back office personnel to dispatchers and drivers.

Enhance team transparency

Eliminate data discrepancies and ensure your teams have access to real-time and consistent information.

Eliminate cross-functional competition

Prevent competing priorities across teams by ensuring your entire organization is operating from the same source of truth.

Unite teams

Build resilience with a platform that makes it easy to adopt new solutions

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Stay ahead of the curve

Turnkey solutions deploy quickly, make changes easy, and allow you to adapt as you scale for growth for whatever comes your way.

Accelerate time to value

Minimize deployment time and development cycles required to activate your favorite applications with the widest selection of out-of-the-box solutions.

Enrich your existing applications

Extract more value from your existing applications by supercharging them with a single source of truth for operations data.

Experience the simplicity of connecting all your favorite applications

Our App Marketplace is the fastest-growing ecosystem of turnkey integrations in the industry. We rely on our customers to prioritize which integrations to bring to market and ensure our technology partners provide the same quality of service and reliability that Samsara provides customers.

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Leverage Samsara’s open API

Personalize your Samsara experience with our open API. Build custom integrations to connect your physical operations data to virtually any solution and extend the power of the Connected Operations Cloud.

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See how Samsara helps customers get more out of their equipment

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Samsara's technology allows partners to help shared customers solve big problems in innovative ways, including through managed services that extend beyond the Samsara platform. Join 200+ technology partners today to unlock valuable opportunities and provide innovative solutions for your customers.



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7 Integrations To Start Saving on Fuel Spend

7 Integrations To Start Saving on Fuel Spend

Samsara Becomes System of Record for Physical Operations

Samsara Becomes System of Record for Physical Operations

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