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Mixed fleet management, all in one platform.

Samsara provides advanced functionality to help construction companies and equipment rental businesses and dealerships across the construction industry streamline their fleet operations to reduce fuel and rental costs, increase worker safety and improve operational efficiency.

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The Rasmussen Group, American Cementing, KSI, Bragg Investment Group, Foundation Building Materials

Centralized Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into all assets, vehicles and heavy equipment in one centralized dashboard

  • GPS Asset Tracking

    Get the most out of every asset with mixed fleet management. Track the status and location of all your fleet vehicles, construction vehicles, heavy equipment and unpowered assets with GPS fleet tracking.

  • OEM Integrations
  • Loss Prevention
  • Time on site
Summit Materials

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CR Jackson

See how CR Jackson saved $120k by recovering stolen equipment

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Operational Efficiency

Make your bids more competitive by optimizing operations and reducing costs

  • Asset utilization

    Create cost savings from rightsizing your fleet by using utilization, dormancy, power take off and machine use reporting for all equipment and vehicles.

  • fuel reporting
  • fleet maintenance
  • asset scheduling

$10 million sold in underutilized equipment

Worker Safety

Protect your workers on the job site and beyond with vehicle and site cameras for proactive safety

  • Proactive safety

    Prioritize safety, protect your bottom line and attract top talent through rewards programs with benchmarking tools, safety scorecards, safety coaching and risk reports.

  • exoneration
  • co-location
  • Real-Time Alerts
Streamline Equipment Rental & Dealer Operations

Gain visibility into daily operations to provide your end customer with world-class service

  • Customer experience

    Increase productivity with a shared view for all customer equipment in a single dashboard, regardless of OEM.

  • technician services
  • service transparency
Hoskins Equipment

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Fast and easy deployment

Secure and Easy Installation

Flexible and intuitive mounting systems for light to heavy-duty vehicles, with installation in just a few minutes. Gateway sends wireless alerts if unplugged.

GPS Tracking with Real-time Visibility

Precise location, speeding and G-force monitoring with offline data storage.

High-Speed 4G LTE Cellular Connectivity

10x speed advantage over 3G devices, with a built-in WiFi hotspot for laptops and mobile devices. Data plan included.

Firmware and Hardware Upgrades

Firmware updates sent over the air automatically, and hardware upgrades included. 24/7 US-based customer support.

Internet-Connected Dash Cams

Choose either the Front-Facing AI Dash Cam with up to 2K (1440p) resolution or the Dual-Facing AI Dash Cam with up to 2K (1080p) front-facing resolution and up to 1080p driver-facing resolution.

Coach Unsafe Driving Behaviors

Real-time AI detections & built-in audio speaker for in-cab coaching.

Video Retrieval

On-demand, over the air, video retrieval for event reconstruction.

Easy Installation

Plug-and-play your AI Dash Cam in minutes.


Collect location data from both unpowered and powered equipment and keep tabs on all of your assets with geofencing and wake on motion alerts.


Quickly identify assets that are unused and dormant for long periods of time. Underutilized assets can be moved to higher demand sites or consolidated to maximize resources.


Rugged design with IP69K-rated waterproof enclosure, Class 1, Division 2 certified and tested for vibration, shock, moisture, and extreme temperatures.


Gain granular visibility into onsite activities through a powerful, on-premise gateway.


View real-time camera streams from anywhere using the Samsara dashboard or the Sites App for Mobile Devices.


Spend less time investigating safety incidents using AI-driven search tools to quickly find and share important footage.


Get immediately notified of unusual or unsafe activity through intelligent detections and proactive, custom alerts.

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What is construction fleet management?

Construction fleet management allows construction companies to optimize and streamline the operation of their fleet vehicles and construction equipment. Telematics hardware connected to the vehicles and equipment send data to fleet management software, which provides you with functionality for fleet tracking, preventative maintenance, dispatch and more. Fleet management software also provides construction companies with data-driven insights that allow you to increase productivity of your fleets, prevent breakdowns, and increase the productivity of your daily operations.

What are the benefits of construction fleet management?

In an industry as competitive as construction, gaining operational efficiency is critical in order to make your bids as competitive as possible. By implementing a construction fleet management solution, businesses can take a data-driven approach to their daily operations, helping to reduce rental and fuel costs, optimize equipment utilization, and improve uptime and equipment lifespan through preventative maintenance.

What are telematics?

Telematics, or telematics systems, refers to the convergence of telecommunications and information processing. Telematics has taken off more recently with the rise of the internet and a spike in the number of telecommunications networks that can transfer data to offices in real time for various purposes, including fleet management.

In the automotive or fleet industry, telematics is typically synonymous with vehicle telematics or fleet telematics. Vehicle telematics is used to describe vehicle onboard communication services and applications that communicate with one another via GPS receivers and other telematics devices. The most common application of this is vehicle tracking. This is achieved by combining a GPS system with onboard diagnostics, typically to map the exact location of a vehicle and the speed at which it is moving.

How does asset tracking work?

Asset tracking allows real-time visibility into the location of powered assets like generators, unpowered assets like roll offs, and heavy equipment, including yellow iron, all in one centralized view. Asset tracking can also provide status reporting and diagnostics for things like engine hours and fault codes from powered assets and equipment.

How does Samsara help streamline fleet maintenance?

Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud provides real-time visibility into all assets, fleet vehicles and heavy equipment, in one centralized platform, whether they’re at a jobsite, or in your yard. Our fleet management system provides construction businesses with the tools they need to increase productivity of their on-site workflows, increase the lifespan of vehicles and equipment through preventative maintenance, and make more informed decisions about vehicle, equipment and asset utilization, fuel usage and more. With proactive notifications and diagnostics, businesses can prevent downtime and disruptions to daily operations.

How does Samsara help with equipment management?

Samsara provides construction companies with tools and functionality that help streamline and optimize their equipment management. Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud provides visibility into the location and status of their equipment fleet via GPS tracking, customizable maintenance schedules for preventative maintenance, and real-time notifications for equipment diagnostics to prevent downtime. Samsara also provides insights into asset utilization and dormancy trends, so you can get the most out of your heavy equipment.

How does Samsara help reduce fuel usage?

Samsara offers a robust set of reporting tools that allow you to analyze fuel consumption, idling and fuel costs from fleet vehicles and construction equipment. This data helps provide insight into behaviors that incur higher fuel usage, allowing you to adjust your operations accordingly. Additionally, Samsara integrates with a number of major fuel card solutions, giving you a view into the big picture of how your business consumes fuel.

What OEM integrations does Samsara support?

Samsara integrates with a growing number of the construction industry’s top OEMs, including Ford, GM, Stellantis, John Deere, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Volvo, CNH Industrial, Vermeer, and more. Our OEM integrations allow for data collection and analysis of heavy equipment, construction vehicles and fleet vehicles, including fuel usage, idling, engine diagnostics, and fault code notifications, without the need for additional hardware.

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