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Remote and on-the-go visibility across sites

Gain real-time visibility into expansive or remote sites and view all camera streams from your pocket. Granular user permissions allow relevant stakeholders to access just the security camera footage they need.

Mobile app and browser-based dashboard

Enterprise grade security

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Advanced Security site visibility

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Reduce time spent monitoring video footage

Be immediately notified of unsafe or unusual activity through intelligent detections and alerting—no need for active monitoring.

Deter theft

Advanced security

92% reduction in time spent reviewing footage with proactive alerts
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Hybrid cloud architecture and third-party integration

Overlay powerful AI on top of any third-party IP security camera for enhanced worksite visibility. Simply plug in our on-premise Site Gateway, a cloud-backed Network Video Recorder (NVR), and stream footage from anywhere.

Seamless device onboarding

NDAA-compliant IP cameras

Leverage third-party IP cameras

Flexible deployment site visibility

Complete Visibility

Optimize fleet operations with real-time data.

Samsara’s to-the-second GPS and vehicle diagnostics give you best-in-class visibility to improve route performance, fleet efficiency, and customer service.

GPS fleet & trailer tracking

Remote vehicle diagnostics

99% On-time delivery
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Learn how customers streamline their operations

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Powerful AI & Computer Vision

Harness the power of Samsara’s powerful AI to enhance your end-to-end safety programs. Streamline workflows, reduce downtime, and save time monitoring your operations.

Improve workplace safety and efficiency

From food & beverage distributors to steel manufacturers to government agencies, Site Visibility helps customers streamline incident investigation, improve onsite safety, and increase operational efficiency.

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Learn how Site Visibility can support your onsite safety, security, and efficiency goals.

Supply Chain Efficiency Ebook

Supply Chain Efficiency Ebook

Improve onsite efficiency, while also protecting your workers and bottom line. AI video-based safety solutions, like Samsara Site Visibility, reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, and streamline workflows. Learn how Samsara Site Visibility can be your competitive advantage for supply chain efficiency.



Overlay powerful and advanced AI onto 3rd party camera streams, making the most of your existing investment.

high-speed lte cellular modem

Internet connectivity powered by the Site Gateway Lite for remote connectivity, providing end-to-end organizational visibility.


Compliant with the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019. Learn more.

Simple and fast deployment

Installs in <10 minutes to quickly pull in camera streams and gain the visibility you need.

Effortless, end-to-end management.

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Streamlined installation and onboarding allow you to quickly gain access to features out of the box, and without throttling your bandwidth.

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From a patented technology architecture to built-in security tools for administrators, Samsara ensures that your network and organization is protected.

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Our robust Knowledge Base allows you to self-service minor issues and 24/7 support ensures you’ll always have someone to call if there’s ever a problem.