Driver Coaching Tools

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Coaching Overview

Tailored coaching tools for your fleet safety program

In-Cab Coaching

Real-time feedback for drivers to course-correct risky behaviors while on the road.

Manager-Led Coaching

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Streamlined Workflows

Ensure accountability among drivers and coaches for safe driving

Consistent Coaching

Guide coaching sessions and promote safe driving by matching safety tips to risky driving behaviors.

Automatic Assignment
Real-Time Alerts
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Learn how Windy City Limousine keeps their passengers safe with driver coaching.

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Driver Incentives

Use video evidence and data-driven insights to reward and coach drivers

Build Trust

Earn trust among your fleet by using AI dash cam video to show evidence of exoneration and praise defensive driving.

Increase Engagement
Reward Drivers
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See how ArcBest reduced preventable accidents by 13% as a result of coaching.

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Safety Insights

Track the impact of your coaching program and identify behaviors requiring review

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Risk Factors

Identify frequently occurring behaviors across your fleet to help prioritize coaching.

Measure Coaching Effectiveness

Easily track behaviors following coaching sessions to ensure risky driving situations are addressed quickly and are not repeated again.

Driver Performance

Use driver safety scores and rankings to track improvement over time.

“Samsara makes coaching much easier because we have clearer video to talk drivers through.”

Greg Sikorski

Director of Transportation Safety and Compliance, KeHE Distributors


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How do I effectively coach my drivers?

Consistent coaching is the key to a successful driver coaching program. It’s important to have drivers familiarize themselves with coaches to start a collaborative relationship and to identify what events to prioritize for coaching. Use 1:1 coaching sessions to quickly view a summary of all behaviors that require coaching for a driver, drill down into driver behaviors and view footage of events related to that behavior. Coaching based on repeated behaviors saves time and is more effective, since it makes repeated habits easier to identify.

What is the difference between in-cab coaching and manager-led coaching?

In-cab coaching notifies drivers on the road in real-time when incidents, such as tailgating, occur. This allows them to self-correct the behavior.

Manager-led coaching involves coaching in combination with dash cams and telematics. It involves reviewing events in a timely manner and ensuring coaches are assigned to proactively address the risky driving behaviors.

With both in-cab and manager-led coaching, it’s important to clearly outline a process among your safety managers and coaches, involving:

  • What events will be coached versus not coached

  • How and when coaching occurs

  • Zero-exception behaviors

  • Processes for disciplinary actions.

How do I get driver buy-in for dash cams without them feeling micromanaged or watched?

Before deploying any hardware, hold a Q&A session with drivers. Create an open forum where drivers feel comfortable asking questions and raising concerns, and make sure to explain your company’s safety goals and policies so that drivers understand where the change is coming from.

Dash cams are meant for driver protection and safety. Dispel misunderstandings by explaining how safety events are detected and how footage can be accessed, and be clear about who can access the footage - only certain administrators in the company can access footage - video is only uploaded when there is a safety event, or if there is a request to retrieve footage for exoneration or insurance purposes.

What are best practices for building driver recognition programs within my organization?

It’s important to set clear expectations for your rewards program. Drivers should know exactly how they’re being evaluated and where they stand compared to their peers. You can use Samsara Safety Scores as the foundation of your rewards program to maximize transparency and eliminate any concerns about fairness.

To maximize engagement, the rewards you choose should be attractive and relevant. Make sure you customize the incentives to fit your company culture. Consider announcing the winner during team meetings, creating a safe driver “wall of honor” in the break room, or even sending a company-wide email congratulating the safe drivers. Underperforming drivers should be made aware that this new program is their chance to make a change and should be given the resources, training, and coaching to get them there. Ensure that all participants know they have an equal opportunity to succeed by distributing rewards monthly or quarterly rather than yearly.

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