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Samsara for efficiency

Work smarter and lower costs

End-to-end visibility helps pinpoint inefficiencies to improve your bottom line and maximize productivity.

Guide to Fleet Savings

Reduce administrative tasks in the field and the office

Reduce administrative tasks in the field and the office

Build automated workflows that prevent manual data entry errors, improve communication, and help you go paperless.


  • Increase data accuracy with mobile forms

  • Automate updates with Live Sharing

  • Sync operational systems via open APIs

Documents & Messaging

Discover ways to run your operations on less

Discover ways to streamline your operations

Implement cost-saving measures with a unified system that surfaces opportunities to reduce wasted time and resources.


  • Improve routing performance

  • Identify fuel waste with idling reports

  • Right-size with utilization reports

Build a Fuel Program

Take on more business without increasing costs

Take on more business without increasing costs

Real-time visibility into asset and labor availability enables your business to be flexible and pick up additional opportunities without increasing overhead.


  • Reallocate assets to the right jobs

  • Streamline communication with apps

  • Benchmark performance against peers

Routing & Dispatch

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World-class implementation services and training

  • 24/7 US-Based Customer Support
  • Implementation Consultants
  • Ongoing Customer Success Support
  • Implementation Expert Marketplace
  • On-Demand Virtual Training Center
  • Pre-built Integrations and Open APIs

The Connected Operations Platform

Explore all of the solutions available to you and your business when you unify your operations with Samsara.

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