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Build powerful workflows that digitize and automate processes for safer, more efficient operations.

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Save time and prevent inaccurate paperwork.

  • Digitize Complex Forms

    Easily create digital forms like inspections, checklists, audits, and reports for any vehicle, asset, or site inspection, then integrate the data into your systems in seconds.

  • Simplify Completion

Address safety and operational risks in real-time.

  • Real-time Visibility

    With real-time alerts, managers and technicians can address issues in the field without waiting for paperwork.

  • Connect issues to assets
Consolidate Data

Consolidate data, connect systems and track operational trends.

  • Centralize data

    Consolidate data from vehicles, equipment, and sites in one unified platform to proactively prevent accidents and improve operations.

  • Integrate Systems
  • Unlock Insights

Use Cases

Asset management truck
Increase Productivity and reduce downtime

Submitted forms are immediately accessible for your back office, with data to minimize operational disruption and allow for rapid issue resolution. 

Gain instant visibility into equipment conditions and real-time defect alerts, and fix issues faster with digital workflows to effectively reduce operational downtime.


Stay compliant by simplifying equipment inspections for your operators, ensuring necessary inspections are completed, avoiding lost forms or delays.

Connected Forms makes compliance simple and minimizes risk of penalties due to missing maintenance and inspection data.

Safety & Compliance tab
Protect your workforce AND promote a culture of safety

Connected Forms enables your workers to conduct safety audits and report safety observations, while seamlessly connecting the back office to field data with real-time alerts about failed inspections and safety issues.

Conduct reviews, assign actions, track progress, and collaborate, all from one application.

Reduce administrative burden

Increase accountability and make safety audits easy with centralized digital records of forms, issues, incident reports, and corrective action logs in one location. Easily export data for regulatory audits, incident investigations, and insurance claims.

business processes
Enhance Business Processes

Simplify routine business processes like time sheets, worker evaluations and more. Connected Forms allows you to build out and automate customized templates and workflows with features like conditional logic, scoring, and requiring image submission for specific questions.

Consolidate Data & Services

Break down data silos, eliminate the complexity of managing multiple vendors, and reduce the number of apps your workers have to use with Connected Forms and Samsara’s Connected Operations Platform.

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What is Connected Forms?

Connected Forms is an easy-to-use mobile workflow solution to reduce paperwork and streamline on-site inspections and reporting, with digital forms that deliver real-time, actionable insights to prevent workplace injuries, meet regulatory compliance, and reduce unplanned downtime. 

What is the difference between Connected Forms, Documents and DVIRs?

Unlike Documents or DVIRs, Connected Forms allows users to digitize complex forms, automate workflows, manage issues and more. Connected Forms can be used by drivers, workers, supervisors and other operations professionals. Documents allow users to simply document items like fuel receipts or bills of lading, without any follow up, while DVIRs are for drivers to complete pre and post trip vehicle inspections for compliance purposes.

Is Connected Forms a paper form digitization tool?

Connected Forms goes beyond being just a paper form digitization tool; it's a comprehensive end to end workflow solution. It not only converts paper-based tasks to digital but also streamlines entire operational processes, from field data collection to real-time reporting and insight generation. Purpose built for physical operations, it offers customizability and seamless integration, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

Why should I choose Samsara’s Connected Forms?

Unlike HSE solutions or digital form applications that create data silos and lack operational context, Connected Forms offers an integrated and comprehensive workflow experience within Samsara's Connected Operations Cloud.

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