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Data driven insights that control costs by running smarter, safer, and more efficient operations.

Cost Saving Tips

How can your business reduce costs?

Without visibility into your day-to-day operations, you could be unknowingly wasting valuable money and time. Fuel, for instance, is a key cost for organizations operating vehicles or equipment, and can represent on average 60% of total operating budget, according to Fleet Automotive. A single, integrated platform that brings in data from across your operations provides greater insight into inefficiencies that create unnecessary expenses. Read on to learn more about which inefficiencies are costing your organization the most, and how a complete fleet management platform can help.

$20 billion

spent on engine idling per year


avg insurance cost per long haul truck

4X more

expensive to fix emergency repairs vs. preventative maintenance

~22% increase

annually in transportation costs within the U.S. supply chain

9 ways to increase efficiency and maximize profits with Samsara

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How to lower fuel costs with Samsara

Learn how to take control of your fuel economy and reduce overall spend with Samsara Fuel Reporting.

Everything you need to build business resilience in one integrated platform

Invest in essential technology that makes your operations more transparent, more nimble, and more efficient so that you can better understand your business and make every dollar count.

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