Fraley & Schilling Saves $800K+ Annually with the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud

Samsara’s platform empowered Fraley & Schilling to create a best-in-class driver experience, while scaling their safety initiatives and maximizing efficiency across their operations.

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Meet Fraley & Schilling

Fraley & Schilling needed an innovative technology partner to build a world-class driver experience.

Fraley & Schilling (F&S) is a premier lightweight fleet operator hauling metal products, building materials, and machinery in the eastern United States. To ensure continuous driver experience improvements in a competitive market, F&S needed a unified platform to replace outdated operating models and drive digital transformation across the organization. Specifically, F&S sought a technology partner that would empower drivers to own their safety journey, personalize their driver experience, and improve safety. The F&S team also needed to automate vehicle and equipment monitoring capabilities to replace unreliable and labor-intensive spreadsheets.

Innovating together to build a best-in-class driver experience.

With the Samsara Connected Operations™ Cloud, F&S consolidated their data into one powerful and streamlined platform. From AI Dash Cams to custom Driver App integrations, F&S utilizes the full breadth of the Samsara platform to create a world-class driver experience anchored on safety and operational efficiency.


Driver App

Paperless workflows redefine the driver and customer experience.

Manual load offerings and extensive office paperwork were time-consuming for F&S’s office staff, who wanted to spend less time on the phone and more time empowering drivers and clients with real-time information. 

By digitizing processes through the Samsara Driver App and custom data integrations, F&S saved $187,000 and 6,700 hours per year in back-office administration and reduced paperwork processing time by 99%. 


dash cam

Personalized coaching builds safer habits, improves driver engagement, and cuts insurance costs.

Looking to expand their culture of safety, F&S implemented a proprietary driver performance scoring system called the Fraley Score, leveraging Samsara’s safety, compliance, and efficiency data.

This scoring system, combined with Virtual Coach and Proactive Driver Coaching, resulted in a 36% reduction in insurance costs from 2020 to 2023, even as market costs have risen 20%.




Vehicle with wifi

Data-driven preventive maintenance reduces downtime.

By connecting Samsara Vehicle Telematics with third-party asset maintenance and business intelligence software, F&S improved communication between drivers and maintenance teams. Now, they can complete preventative maintenance along routes instead of at terminals, keeping drivers moving and minimizing costly downtime. 

As a result, F&S reduced overdue preventative maintenance checks by 75% and estimated saving $240,000 per year due to decreases in out-of-route miles, tractor-trailer downtime, and fuel costs.


Smart Trailers

Real-time visibility optimizes trailer utilization.

With new trailers and parts difficult to procure, F&S needed a comprehensive strategy to efficiently identify lost, missing, or underutilized trailers without consuming staff bandwidth.

With Samsara’s Smart Trailer solution, F&S can use the Samsara Dormancy Report to identify and reallocate underutilized trailers, saving an estimated $150,000 per year.




site visibility

Site Visibility consolidates data from fleet and facilities on one platform.

F&S needed greater visibility into their terminals and yards. Previously, the team had to travel between locations and manually track lost inventory. Now, they leverage Samsara's AI-powered Site Visibility solution to check in on their sites remotely and quickly locate missing items—consolidating visibility across their fleet and facilities within a single, unified platform. With Site Visibility, F&S estimates they could save up to $250,000 per year in lost inventory.


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