Summit Materials: Raising the bar for safety and sustainability

Learn how one of the leaders in construction materials leverages the Connected Operations Cloud to progress their ambitious safety and sustainability goals.

Summit Materials

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Meet Summit Materials

To achieve their ESG goals, Summit Materials needed a partner with better data reliability that could improve visibility across their distributed operations.

Summit’s vision is to be the most socially-responsible integrated construction materials solution provider on the market. Previously, their solutions for telematics, safety, and onsite cameras were decentralized, causing gaps in their data and reporting. Furthermore, vast operations spanning 22 U.S. states and British Columbia, Canada, meant it was difficult to track how they progressed against their goals. Summit sought a technology partner that could bring all their over the road fleet safety, emissions, and fuel consumption data into one single platform.

Unparalleled data and visibility to improve reporting

With the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud, Summit was able to consolidate their technology providers, improve data accuracy, and decrease preventable accidents.

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Ensuring a focus on safety at every stage of operations 

After implementing Samsara AI Dash Cams, Summit saw a significant increase in driver engagement and safety.  With a more reliable system, Summit is able to quickly retrieve incident footage, train drivers on safe driving practices, and reward drivers with the best Safety Scores across regions. This has resulted in a 50% decrease in preventable incidents in one year.


Safety Scores

Fuel Usage Summit

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Advanced fuel data powers accurate emissions reporting

With the goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, Summit puts a large focus on monitoring fuel usage and idling across their fleet to improve miles per gallon. But with inaccurate data on their fuel consumption, actionable goals were difficult to set. 

By closing the gaps in their data with plug-and-play Samsara Vehicle Gateways, Summit can more accurately record emissions figures and set meaningful targets, saving $1.8 million per year in fuel costs. Streamlining their fuel management is a key part of Summit’s ongoing ESG initiative, as they aim towards a 75% reduction in emissions across their business.  



Integrations power more actionable data

After standardizing their fleet and onsite security technology with the Samsara platform, Summit was able to further consolidate their operational data via integrations.

With the Samsara open API, Summit’s IT is excited to integrate their maintenance program and carbon emissions tracking, connecting the dots between disparate data sources and unlocking more actionable insights.


Samsara Open API Summit

Summit Site Visibility

site visibility

High-definition video footage extends outdoor visibility

Since a large part of their operations are outdoors—often in rugged and dangerous environments—Summit was looking for a consolidated video solution to help keep workers safe in the field.  

With Samsara Site Visibility, Summit has been able to keep and integrate with their existing cameras. Powerful AI features allow their team to proactively spot unsafe behaviors and correct them before incidents occur.


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