How to prepare for a dynamic market.

Samsara’s Connected Operations

An essential technology investment that helps you better anticipate, respond, and adapt to fluctuating market conditions. With all your data on one, secure, enterprise-grade platform, you can unlock the full power of your operations.

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Real-time GPS Tracking
Real-time GPS Tracking

Save time searching for assets and respond to customers faster, with the ability to instantly locate every vehicle, trailer, and piece of equipment.

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AI Dash Cams
AI Dash Cams

Exonerate drivers from false claims and empower drivers to build safe habits, with AI-based voice coaching and video-based coaching workflows.

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Icon - Site Visibility
Site Visibility

Identify, diagnose, and resolve issues across all of your locations in minutes with AI-powered alerts, intelligent search features, and easy sharing tools.

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Driver Workflows

Give drivers the right information at the right time and increase productivity with mobile tools to customize routes, digital documents, messages, DVIRs, and more.

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Avoid roadside breakdowns and reduce downtime with live engine diagnostics, instant alerts, and usage-based preventative maintenance tools.

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Fuel Management

Lower fuel spend and reduce administrative overhead, with fuel efficiency and idling insights, purchase verification tools, and automated IFTA reporting.

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Wireless Sensors

Ensure product quality with wireless temperature monitors and prevent theft with sensors that provide real-time visibility into cargo levels and open doors.

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APIs & Integrations

Reduce administrative overhead and accelerate business processes by easily syncing Samsara data with third-party systems for routing, payroll, TMS, and more.

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95% of leaders said that digitizing their operations improves their ability to weather disruptions. Download the State of Connected Operations Report to see how leaders are adopting cutting-edge technologies, empowering their workforce, and unlocking new revenue streams.

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Learn how industry leaders are building adaptable organizations.



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by automating processes and validating operating costs

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“Data is great, but it's what you do with the data that matters. With Samsara, we can remove the noise from our deluge of data and drill into it to find the insights that help make our business run more efficiently."

JOHN MAHER  Director of Fleet Maintenance, XPO

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Without visibility into your operations, costs such as fuel and vehicle maintenance can get out of control. Learn why a connected operations platform is worth the investment, and see where else you can improve efficiency and save money.