US Logistics Solutions saves 100,000 hours and reduces accidents by empowering drivers with mobile-first technology

With Samsara, US Logistics Solutions saves time and money while improving the employee experience with a customizable suite of mobile-first solutions that modernize and simplify daily operations.

Driver and truck

Meet US Logistics Solutions

Fragmented systems wasted time and limited operational visibility 

US Logistics Solutions is a final-mile logistics company serving the eastern half of the country. They employ over 1,600 drivers and warehouse workers to support their fleet of 570 trucks across 19 terminals. In line with much of the transportation industry, US Logistics Solutions’ biggest priority—and challenge—is hiring and retaining quality drivers to sustain their business. 

Prior to Samsara, US Logistics Solutions was using several disconnected, legacy systems that were inefficient, provided limited visibility into their operations, and lacked customizability for their workforce. Their processes were largely manual and relied on paper logs and reports, which were error prone and time intensive to complete. Lack of visibility from the cab to their warehouses posed another challenge for US Logistics Solutions—without insight into how their drivers were performing or what was happening in their terminals, training opportunities for their team were limited. US Logistics Solutions needed an advanced solution to improve their productivity, safety, and employees’ experience.

Streamlining operations on a single platform to improve the employee experience 

US Logistics Solutions chose Samsara for the ease of use and robust capabilities the Connected Operations™ Cloud brought to their business, self-installing Vehicle Gateways, Dual-Facing AI Dash Cameras, and third-party tablets across their entire fleet in just three months. Now, they have a holistic view of their fleet and terminals to improve safety, boost productivity, and increase employee engagement. Todd Boldin, Director of Safety, sees Samsara’s mobile solutions, including Mobile Experience Management and the Driver App, as key to simplifying their driver experience. “The ease of the system helps our drivers feel less stressed and happier on the job,” he said. “With Samsara, they’re more aware of their surroundings and less likely to rush through their inspections and get injured.” 

US Logistics Solutions followed a few best practices that helped ensure a smooth implementation, including building out a phased rollout plan, maintaining strong communication with their teams, and holding themselves accountable to milestones. Additionally, they leaned on local managers across their 19 locations to train employees and build buy-in with Samsara. 


Keeping drivers focused and connected on the road

Before Samsara, keeping mobile device distractions under control was a challenge for US Logistics Solutions. Unlimited internet and app access was not only costing the company data surcharges but, more importantly, jeopardizing driver safety and productivity on the road. To solve these challenges, US Logistics Solutions deployed Samsara Mobile Experience Management (MEM) to gain more control over their tablets. By allowing access only to essential business apps, they achieved a 70% reduction in data usage while eliminating disruptions to drivers’ days. Additionally, they configured devices to automatically silence notifications and restrict access to non-driving apps while on the road. Together with Samsara’s Video-Based Safety solution, this helped reduce driver distractions, lowering their preventable collision rates by 15% year-over-year. Finally, US Logistics Solutions can now more efficiently assist and train their drivers in the field with the ability to remotely see what drivers see on their screens, resulting in a 80% reduction in average driver call time, from 25 minutes to 5 minutes.


Mobile Experience Management

Driver App

Driver App

Empowering drivers with an all-in-one mobile app

Before Samsara, outdated technology, paper-based processes, and inaccurate HOS logging limited US Logistics Solutions’ ability to operate efficiently within compliance. When HOS violations were logged in error, it was difficult and time consuming for driver managers to track down and correct those logs. Within two weeks of rolling out the Samsara Driver App to digitize HOS compliance, vehicle inspections, and other tasks for their workforce, they saw a 75% reduction in HOS violations. The Driver App’s ease of use has allowed US Logistics Solutions’ workers to go nearly paperless and complete tasks more quickly, saving them 100,000+ hours annually. Additionally, pre-queued tasks within Start- and End-of-Day Workflows requiring pictures for pre- and post-trip inspections boost driver productivity and safety, resulting in a 15% reduction in driver injuries


dash cam

Building a culture of proactive safety and accountability

Previously, US Logistics Solutions had limited insight into their drivers’ safety behavior. They deployed Samsara Dual-Facing AI Dash Cams across their entire fleet to gain visibility into the cab and on the road. Now, they have access to a range of safety events, such as tailgating, mobile usage, and inattentive driving. Drivers are empowered to self-correct in the moment when in-cab audio alerts prompt them to focus on the road, while Virtual Coach helps drivers recognize and reduce risky behavior by reviewing video-based insights on their own. Driver Safety Scores provide additional motivation for drivers to perform at their best. With Samsara’s Proactive Driver Coaching Solution, US Logistics Solutions achieved a 95% decrease in mobile usage and inattentive driving, and a 40% decrease in tailgating in six months.


Video-Based Safety

Warehouse with Site Visibility

site visibility

Complete warehouse visibility prevents theft

US Logistics Solutions operates 19 terminals that house a large volume of retail products. A lack of visibility into their warehouses meant that high-value items were often targets for theft. US Logistics Solutions needed a solution that would extend visibility from their vehicles to their warehouses to gain a comprehensive view of their operations. They installed Samsara Site Visibility in their terminals to proactively monitor warehouse behavior and serve as a deterrent, preventing the theft of goods worth $300,000. Now, if theft occurs, they can quickly and easily download HD footage of the incident to share with law enforcement.


connected forms

Going paperless saves time and improves productivity

US Logistics Solutions regularly conducts safety audits and equipment inspections, but their previous paper-based processes were time consuming, and the forms were often hard to read and difficult to locate. They introduced Connected Forms to modernize and streamline their safety audits while increasing the connectivity of their operations. With Connected Forms, they can efficiently conduct audits using mobile devices and take notes and photos in one place to save an average of 30 hours per safety audit. Moreover, the easy-to-use forms have improved their operators’ experience and increased equipment uptime with instant alerts. Now, when issues are reported, managers can quickly schedule repairs to improve safety and productivity. 


connected forms

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