DHL consolidates 7 separate point solutions with Samsara’s integrated platform

DHL Supply Chain and DHL Express improved safety, streamlined workflows, and unlocked new insights with the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud. As a result, they are delivering a better experience for employees and customers.

Reduced accidents by 26% across 20 locations where Samsara is fully deployed.

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Meet DHL Supply Chain & DHL Express

Disconnected solutions restricted visibility and innovation.

With 600,000 employees, DHL Group is one of the largest logistics companies worldwide, serving more than 220 countries and territories. DHL Supply Chain, a division of DHL Group, oversees supply chains in more than 50 countries for over 1,400 customers — from warehousing to packaging, transportation, and beyond. DHL Express is the world’s leading international express services provider, meeting the growing demands of exporters and importers by connecting people and businesses securely and reliably, enabling global trade.   

Before Samsara, DHL in the U.S. was using seven separate point solutions for telematics and other functions, but they were difficult to connect and offered varied performance and data reliability. To better serve their employees and customers, they needed one integrated platform that could replace separate, disconnected tools with a single easy-to-use interface.

An integrated platform for safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

With the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud, DHL consolidated seven separate point solutions — for dash cams, telematics, compliance, trip management, DVIRs, trailer tracking, and speed monitoring — into one platform, and integrated Samsara with their critical business systems. This enabled them to deliver a better operator experience, unlock actionable insights, and vastly improve driver safety and retention. They are also partnering with Samsara in their fleet electrification journey, helping support DHL’s ambitious sustainability goals.

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Fewer accidents, lower costs, and higher driver retention.

Across 20 sites where Samsara is fully deployed, DHL Express achieved a 65% decrease in harsh driving incidents, 26% reduction in accidents, and 49% reduction in accident-related costs. DHL Supply Chain has seen a 50% decrease in severe and heavy speeding and 50% decrease in mobile usage — as well as a 50% decrease in driver turnover.


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Partnering to increase vehicle uptime today and build the fleet of the future.

Because DHL is in the supply chain and delivery business, vehicle uptime is critical. Reliable diagnostic data, real-time alerts, and automated maintenance workflows have closed communication gaps and accelerated maintenance response times — keeping their vehicles on the road serving customers. In addition, with the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud, DHL has a platform that supports their transition to an EV-focused future.



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Complete trailer visibility. No additional vendors needed.

Cargo integrity is critical to DHL’s operations. With Samsara, their operators have complete visibility into trailer location, cargo, and temperature — all within the same platform they use for safety and telematics. This has empowered their operators to service customers better, investigate incidents faster, and accelerate theft recovery.


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A better driver experience, powered by intuitive workflows.

Before Samsara, DHL drivers had to manage dozens of different devices and apps for daily tasks. Now, HOS, DVIRs, and navigation are streamlined through the Samsara Driver App via custom workflows and seamless integrations. As a result, their drivers are empowered to focus on what matters most: servicing customers safely and efficiently.


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Innovation made possible by a flexible, open platform.

Data quality is critical to DHL’s operations — and Samsara data has become their source of truth. 19 integrations have streamlined their operators’ workflows and connected previously siloed data, unlocking transformative business insights.


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