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On demand | Efficiency – 30 Minutes

Reduce Costs by Tracking and Improving 3 Key Metrics

Build business resilience and learn how to use Benchmark & Utilization Reports to track and measure your cost savings with Samsara.

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Join this webinar to see how you’ll report on your improvements in harsh events, excessive idling, and asset utilization 90 days after implementing Samsara and how to quantify those improvements as cost savings for your business.

Join on demand to learn how to:

  • Identify key metrics to track & measure your safety, efficiency, and sustainability performance

  • Benchmark your performance against peers to identify areas for improvement

  • Quantify the cost savings from your technology investment

Jack Owens

Jack Owens, Manager, Product Marketing

Johannes Veerkamp Headshot

Johannes Veerkamp, Business Value Strategist

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