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Boost Operational Security: Ways to Prevent Theft and Mitigate Risks

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Commercial theft and facility break-ins are on the rise. Recent disruptions and new innovations in the supply chain have exposed new operational vulnerabilities, leading to sharp increases in security incidents across all sectors of physical operations.

Theft of trailers, cargo, vehicles, and high-value equipment and tools have become increasingly problematic for organizations across transportation & warehousing, food & beverage, construction, and more. It’s now more important than ever to invest in reliable yet streamlined methods to enhance physical security measures and reduce associated risks.

Join us to learn how our customers are utilizing Samsara solutions to:

  • Proactively prevent theft and facility break-ins with real-time visibility, tracking, and perimeter monitoring

  • Detect risks in real-time with automated alerts and stolen asset recovery

  • Streamline incident reviews through centralized video investigation

Alex Johnson Samsara Product Manager

Alex Johnson, Product Marketing Manager, Samsara

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