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Explore New AI Innovations in Fleet Safety

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how this launch can help you:

  • Use real-time AI to detect risky driving conditions, stop bad habits before they turn into risk, and prevent accidents before they happen

  • Customize and tailor your dashboard to reflect your fleet’s unique safety priorities

  • See how AI is helping fleets improve safety during COVID-19

Webinar run-time: 45 minutes of content with 15 minutes of live Q&A


  • Ingo Wiegand Director of Product Management, Samsara

  • Margaret Finch Senior Product Manager, Samsara 

  • Kel Jackson Senior Product Manager, Samsara

  • Eleanor Horowitz Product Marketing Team Lead, Samsara

  • Jake Gardner-Rosen Product Marketing Manager, Samsara

Samsara is on a mission to improve fleet safety with AI Dash Cams that prevent accidents before they happen and make data accessible and easy to analyze. Watch this virtual launch event to learn about our newest safety features in embedded artificial intelligence and insights-based reporting.