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Leading the Way in Safety: How Rasmussen Group Protects their Workforce with Samsara

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Join us for an insightful webinar that showcases Rasmussen Group's strategic partnership with Samsara, marking a pivotal shift in safety standards across their extensive operations. Operating 12 companies, with 700 drivers across 65 sites, Rasmussen Group has carved out a name for itself in the construction and heavy equipment sectors, notably winning the 2023 Samsara Connected Operations™ Awards for Safest Operator.

This session, featuring insights from Larry Smith, a Driver Specialist at JMT Trucking, and Sajid Ordagic, Safety Manager at Rasmussen Group, will explore how the integration of Samsara's AI Dash Cams and Virtual Coach technology has revolutionized Rasmussen Group's approach to safety, addressing unique challenges in heavy equipment transportation and driving significant improvements in safety records and operational efficiency.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Use AI-powered video solutions for enhanced visibility and safety in challenging off-road conditions and tight spaces. We'll show you how the Rasmussen Group worked with Samsara to make this happen.

  • Get everyone on board with new safety programs. We'll share tips on talking about tech in a way that gets everyone from drivers to bosses excited about making work safer and more efficient.

  • See the real difference safety changes can make. Through stories from the field, we'll highlight how better safety not only means fewer accidents but also happier teams and improved company morale.


Asma Stephan, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Samsara

Sajid Ordagic Rasmussen Group

Sajid Ordagic, Safety Manager, Rasmussen Group

Larry Smith

Larry Smith, Driver Specialist, Rasmussen Group

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