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Elevate Driver Coaching with Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud

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Empower drivers to build safe habits while enabling managers to identify risk and tailor the coaching experience with consolidated safety data.

With rising costs of safety incidents and growing need for safe drivers, onboarding and coaching new drivers efficiently while retaining talented drivers to create a culture of safety is critical to preventing costly incidents.

Learn how Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud is revolutionizing driver coaching for the future of physical operations. Through the power of a connected platform, empower your drivers to build safe driving habits and enable safety teams to personalize coaching experiences for drivers in less time, from anywhere with Samsara’s proactive driver coaching tools.

Watch to learn how to:

  • Engage and retain drivers by elevating the in-cab coaching experience

  • Create meaningful video-based coaching sessions with intuitive workflows

  • Coach holistically with consolidated data across your safety tools

CJ Ramsey Headshot

CJ Ramsey, Sr Technical Product Marketing Manager

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Leon Wang, Product Marketing Manager

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