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Flexible Solutions

The most comprehensive driver assignment solution for physical operations

  • Mobile

    Leverage the Driver App or QR Code to simplify driver assignment and reduce administrative overhead.

  • Software
  • Physical Devices
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Personalized Coaching

Connect drivers to coaches to improve safety and compliance

  • Driver App

    Achieve ELD compliance by allowing drivers to self-select vehicles in the mobile app.

    apps & driver workflows

  • QR Code
  • Camera ID

Build organization-wide accountability from the cab to the back-office

  • API

    Consolidate Driver Assignment data from multiple systems into the Connected Operations Cloud via APIs.

  • ID Card Reader
  • Driver ID Token
  • Static Driver Assignment

Customize driver assignment to fit your operation's needs

  • Transportation & Warehousing

    Achieve ELD compliance with simple, flexible, driver assignment methods like the Driver App or APIs.

  • Field Services
  • Construction
  • School Districts

Learn how Driver Assignment can improve the safety and efficiency of your operations.

What is Driver Assignment?

Driver Assignment is the association of vehicles with identified drivers, so admins can know who's behind the wheel. Commercial fleets want accurate visibility into who is driving each vehicle to avoid liability and ensure safe and efficient behavior on the road. Additionally, organizations subject to ELD are required to know who is behind the wheel at all times to stay compliant with HOS regulations.

What does Samsara do for Driver Assignment?

From physical ID cards to our most advanced, automated solutions like Camera ID, Samsara’s comprehensive Driver Assignment solution helps customers connect their drivers to their coaches to increase safety, efficiency, and compliance. Our Driver Assignment solution is accurate, easy-to-use, and designed to create a seamless experience from the cab to the back office, no matter what your operations look like.

Why is Driver Assignment important?

Incomplete, inaccurate, or siloed Driver Assignment data makes it hard for fleet and safety managers to enforce compliance and coach on safety and efficiency. Lack of streamlined  visibility puts the burden on the back office to track down who is driving each vehicle, which takes away from time they could otherwise spend on more organizationally impactful activity.

With Samsara’s comprehensive Driver Assignment solutions, fleets can:

  • Improve safety, efficiency, and compliance by connecting drivers with coaches. 

  • Boost employee productivity and service quality by increasing driver accountability. 

  • Streamline back-office efficiency by making Driver Assignment easy with a single, centralized data platform.

What Driver Assignment Method should I choose?

We offer 9 different ways to assign drivers to vehicles, ranging from physical methods to software-only. This will provide your organization more flexibility to choose the method that best suits the needs of your fleet:

These include: 

  • Driver App

  • QR Code

  • Camera ID

  • ID Card Reader

  • Driver ID Tokens

  • Static assignment

  • Manual assignment

  • API

  • Tachograph (in Europe only)

Safety Guide

Video-Based Safety

Video-Based Safety

Build a world-class safety program with AI Dash Cams, driver safety scorecards, and coaching tools.

Driver Coaching

Driver Coaching

Detect and capture risk within minutes and coach your drivers on the road using in-cab audio alerts.

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