Dual-Facing AI Dash Cam

An intelligent, AI-powered, driver- and road-facing dash cam.

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See how The Rasmussen Group uses AI-powered solutions to improve driver and worksite safety.



Gain visibility into critical safety events

  • Video Retrieval

    Streamline incident reviews, facilitate insurance claims, and exonerate drivers with on-demand video retrieval.

  • Driver Coaching
  • Safety Reporting

How it works

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AI Dash Cam

Capture HD video and identify risks in real-time with edge computing and in-cab audio alerts

vehicle gateway
vehicle gateway

4G LTE enabled gateway uploads video clips, GPS location, and diagnostics in real-time

Samsara Dashboard

Analyze video and safety data using the Connected Operations Cloud from any device

Set up your dash cam in minutes.

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The Dual-Facing AI Dash Cam has a locking mount to prevent tampering, an adjustable swivel, and no complex wiring. It can be installed using the Samsara Fleet App's Installation Flow.