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Connecting every trailer to maximize operations and ROI

Samsara consolidates data and insights across all your trailers to:

  • Protect every trailer and load with real-time tracking and alerts

  • Reduce costs and improve productivity with actionable reporting

  • Boost trailer life with usage-based maintenance and Driver App

  • Improve trailer allocation and planning with utilization insights

  • Scale operations with flexible deployment

serving different trailer types

Basic Trailers
Dry Van Trailers
Tankers and Specialty

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Protect trailers from loss and misuse while improving routing and service

  • Real-time Tracking & History

    Aerial view - across all your entire fleet down to a single trailer - and trip history to help plan routes and track stolen or missing assets.

  • Shareable Location Links
  • Geofences & Alerts
  • Door Activity
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See how Brenntag tracks sensitive cargo and trailers with Samsara.

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Operational Efficiency

Actionable reporting and tools to get the most out of your trailers and workers

  • Trailer Utilization & Dormancy

    Trends and insights into your under utilized and dormant trailers to improve allocation and right-size your fleets.

  • Inventory Map & Report
  • Detention & Time on Site
  • Maintenance & E-DVIRs
  • Cargo Visibility
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Read how Dohrn Transfer utilized trailer data to reduce driver and billing hours on detention reporting.

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Temperature Compliance

Streamline temperature-sensitive operations to help improve compliance and reduce load loss

  • Temperature Monitoring

    Environmental Monitor for customizable trends and visibility into ambient temperature to help take proactive action towards temperature fluctuations.

  • Reefer Monitoring & Control
  • Actionable Alerts
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Read how Cash-Wa Distributing benefited from Samsara’s temperature tracking technology.

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Deployment at scale

Flexibly connect and scale a mix of trailers with OEM and sensor integrations

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Thermo King and Carrier

Pre-built integrations to monitor and control Thermo King and Carrier reefers with a streamlined experience.

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Samsara Sensors

Cargo, door, and temperature sensors to monitor sensitive load, temperature, and unauthorized access.

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PressurePro TPMS

Extended visibility into trailer health with tire monitoring integrations with PressurePro TPMS.

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Products to power your trailer operations

1. Powered Asset Gateway

Real-time tracking, wireless sensor support, geofences, alerts, and reporting.

2. Powered Asset Gateway Plus
3. Cargo Monitor
4. Environmental Monitor
5. Door Monitor
6. Integrations
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“I know that we’re delivering wholesome quality products in every load—I know, for example, that my lettuce never goes below temperature. Samsara gives us that confidence in the integrity of our supply chain.”

Jim Hoss

Vice President of Operations, Cash-Wa Distributing

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