Powered Asset Gateway for Trailers

Powered Asset Gateway for Trailers

The Powered Asset Gateway for Trailers is ideal for tracking and monitoring dry-vans, chassis, flatbeds, reefers, tankers, and other specialty trailers. It features a ruggedized, waterproof enclosure, fast and precise location tracking even in low coverage areas, and discreet undercarriage installation for seamless plug-and-play deployment.

The Powered Asset Gateway for Trailers enables improved operational efficiency, maintenance, safety, and compliance to easily manage trailer fleets at scale.

Real-time location

High precision tracking from multiple satellite systems for real-time geolocation and robust signal in low coverage areas

Remote diagnostics

Trailer and ABS fault codes and power connection monitoring

Easy installation

Rapid, discrete undercarriage installation for fast and efficient deployment

Operational efficiency data

Maintenance, utilization, time on site, and detention insights for fleet right-sizing and accurate billing

Cargo and temperature monitoring

Sensor connectivity for door, cargo and temperature monitoring

Reefer Integration

1-way monitoring and 2-way temperature control for reefers

Unified platform

Unlocks a wide array of customizable reports, alerts, and mobile apps for drivers and admins as part of Samsara’s Connected Operations Platform

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Data Inputs

Multi-constellation GPS for high resolution, real-time geolocation with robust coverage in low signal environments and internal antenna for discreet installation.

Internet Connectivity

LTE Cat M1
Operating area: United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, EU (countries with LTE-M)
All Internet connectivity secured via HTTPS with TLS encryption

Data Transmission and Storage

Built-in flash memory logs data when Internet connectivity is unavailable



Low power consumption: 200 uW (sleep) to 5,000 mW (peak) power draw; normal operation at 200m.

W9-60V DC input power, with simple installation connecting to ABS connection in the trailer’s undercarriage.

Internal lithium-ion battery enables over 12 months of battery back up operation at 2 check-ins per day when fully charged. Battery charges automatically via ABS power connection.


UV-stabilized polycarbonate
124 x 81 x 35 mm
192 g
IP rating
IP67 (weatherproof and water-resistant up to 1m submerged) IP69k (highest grade resistance to high pressure and high-temperature washdown)

Samsara Cloud Software Features

Map-based location tracking with live updates & Helicopter View
Trip history
ABS lamp status and fault codes
Trailer Power Monitoring
Real-time alerts (Driver App, SMS, email)
Operational reports: Maintenance, utilization, inventory, dormancy, detention, billing, equipment, time on site, reefer, gateway health
Find My Asset and Wake on Motion
Developer APIs

Cables & Accessories

CBL-AG-BPLC: Advanced ABS cable for undercarriage install providing detailed ABS diagnostics and alerting
CBL-AG-BABS: Basic ABS cable for undercarriage install providing ABS lamp status and alerting
CBL-AG-BRTK: Thermo King cable for 1-way monitoring and 2-way temperature control


Door MonitorMonitor swing and roll-up trailer doors
CARGO MONITORDetect the absence or presence of cargo
ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORMonitor temperature, comes with an optional probe for extended range (separate license required)


Requires a Trailer Essential, Trailer Premier, or Reefer license.
Licenses include hardware, cloud software, ongoing firmware updates, cellular data connectivity, and support.