Increase billing accuracy with Proximity Search

KS Industries

Problem to solve:

As one of the largest oil and gas pipeline construction companies in the U.S., KS Industries had trouble ensuring accurate billing processes across their 1,200+ vehicles and many work sites. As KSI customers are billed for the time KSI vehicles are on-site, it is essential for KSI to have an accurate time-stamped record of all vehicles by location. Before Samsara, troubleshooting billing discrepancies was often a time-consuming back-office task.

How they solved it:

Phil Clarke, Director of Safety and Risk at KSI, used Samsara's Proximity Search to confirm billable hours when discrepancies with customers popped up. 

Here’s Phil’s tip:

01. Click Proximity in the header and enter the area in question into the the Proximity Search tool. 

02. Input a time range for the period in question into the Start and End Time.

03. View vehicles and trip details to confirm billable hours.

04. Bonus: Connect your billing data via the Samsara open API and match it with vehicle usage to identify discrepancies between billed and billable hours.


Phil increased revenue by ensuring all billable hours were included in customer invoices.

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