Add safe driving highlights to weekly driver meetings

Markstein Sales Company

Problem to solve:

With driver turnover rate at an all time high, Markstein was looking for new ways to retain drivers, increase morale, and emphasize a focus on driver safety.

How they solved it:

Tom Roberts, Director of Operations at Markstein, used Samsara to pull recent examples of defensive driving to highlight in their weekly driver meetings.

Here’s Tom's tip:

01. During regular Safety Inbox reviews, mark good examples of defensive driving by starring the event, updating the coaching status to 'Needs Recognition', or adding an event label.

02. Download the top 3 videos and recognize these good drivers by showcasing their footage during team meetings. “Drivers are more alert at our 4 am meetings because of the footage we have to review. They even cheer and holler,” Roberts said.

03. Reward safe driving behavior with a gift, like a new jacket, an ice chest, or recognition with a plaque or trophy.


By integrating safety into Markstein’s everyday culture, Tom has been able to significantly reduce driver turnover and save Markstein hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in safety and turnover costs.

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