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Delta Constructors monitors 12 sites, remotely, with Site Visibility

“With Samsara, we can manage fleet, infrastructure, and sites all from a single place; one platform is used to view the whole company across three regions.” 

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As a full-service oil and gas contractor, Delta Constructors offers construction, plant operations, and supply chain and logistics services. With 12 permanent sites and hundreds of vehicles and assets across Alaska, North Dakota, and other southern states, Delta needed a flexible, IT-friendly platform that allowed them to monitor worker safety, site security, and efficiency across their operations.

  • <a href="#section-one">A seamless onboarding experience</a> allows Delta to get multiple sites on boarded to the Site Visibility dashboard in minutes, a process that could previously take weeks or months

  • Leveraging the <a href="#section-two"> cloud dashboard and mobile application for remote visibility,</a> Delta can manage and check in on all of their locations, from anywhere, at any time 

  • <a href="#section-three">A connected operations platform</a> consolidates every corner of their operations into a single dashboard, giving their distributed management team the insights and data they need to effectively run their business 


Need for a modern, IT-friendly system

Delta was previously using a legacy camera system that was slow, inflexible, and difficult to manage. The software came pre-installed on a single monitor at the front desk, which not only limited its accessibility, but also the productivity of the office manager. This was particularly restricting for Aaron Schilling, Delta’s Director of IT. He would spend hours sifting through footage and would not be able to share any findings with executives unless they were physically present. Additionally, Delta’s existing camera equipment was expensive and time consuming to deploy. It could take weeks to get a camera online and a site up and running.

Having a flexible, all-encompassing, IT-friendly system was essential for managing Delta’s complex operations. With limited time and resources, Schilling needed a modern and more intuitive solution—one that could streamline and simplify processes. This is why the executive team was immediately on board with Samsara Site Visibility. Its advanced visibility and intelligent tools provide actionable insights into their operations across all of their locations through an easy-to-use, web-based dashboard and mobile application.

“We love being able to share and export footage of incidents and dive deeper into what happened. The technology provides great coaching moments to show what safety means to us at Delta.”

Delta was looking to update their camera system to one that was as flexible as it was innovative. Having already used Samsara’s fleet products, Schilling knew how easy it was to deploy and manage multiple assets from the dashboard and was excited to gain the same kind of visibility and remote management. 

<div id="section-one">Seamless onboarding to spin up sites faster</div>

Schilling was managing Delta’s operations across three main regions, which made onboarding and managing devices difficult when on site, let alone remotely. With Samsara’s easy-to-deploy solution, Schilling was able to retrofit a Samsara Site Gateway in to pre-existing camera deployments in minutes. 

Samsara Site Visibility provided Schilling with a seamless onboarding experience so that Delta could spin up sites faster than ever before. This was particularly helpful since it didn’t require a complete rip-and-replacement of their existing camera system and instead can easily onboard third-party cameras to the Site Visibility dashboard. On a single page, the system is able to automatically discover new and pre-existing IP cameras within a network, bulk authenticate, and name cameras, all within a few clicks. Schilling also gains additional visibility into which cameras are connected to specific gateways, taking the guesswork out of everything.  

“I love the ease of use with these products. Samsara makes it really easy to just plug and play. It’s fast to get up and running.”

<div id="section-two">Remote management for greater visibility and faster response time</div>

Through the dashboard, Schilling’s team has gained greater control and visibility into what is happening on site, which has enabled them to be more proactive and aware of unusual activity. 

For example, Delta has sites in locations that can experience extreme weather conditions. In North Dakota, it can get to -40℉, which can cause power outages or connectivity delays. With Device Health Alerts, Schilling now has peace of mind that if a camera or gateway goes offline for any reason, he’ll be immediately notified and be able to address the unplanned outage. In addition to outage notifications, the Delta team can also define alerts for inactivity, unusual person or motion detection, and more. This provides the team with the ability to be proactive in their site operations. 

With Site Visibility, Schilling’s team has been able to monitor their operations in ways that they never have before, such as proactively identifying thefts or searching for incidents for coaching safety practices. When someone was improperly using equipment and dropped a piece of pipe, the team was able to use Stream Search to catch the incident, analyze the process, and use it as a coaching material for best practices, rather than to reprimand any of their workers. Site Visibility’s powerful search capabilities enable the Delta team to find a share of footage in minutes, compared to their legacy solution, which took hours to sift through. The time and labor saved with Samsara justifies the investment alone for the Delta team.

“With Site Visibility, I can be everywhere at one time, especially when working remotely.”

<div id="section-three">Connected operations to streamline vendors and data</div>

Now, with Site Visibility, Delta Constructors has the full Samsara suite of solutions. With the Samsara Connected Operations Platform, Delta can manage all of their operations from a single dashboard, which is invaluable for their distributed leadership team. With Delta’s management team spread across multiple regions, the ability to have one simple platform to manage and collaborate across all operations allows the team to be “everywhere at one time, especially when working remotely,” as Schilling puts it.

Samsara’s easy-to-use solutions enable the team, which varies in technical abilities, to have full control over their operations with just a click of a button. In a single view, Delta can seamlessly gain insights into the efficacy of their operations, real-time data about the location and safety of their workforce, and granular visibility into their equipment, sites, and production lines.

For Schilling, Samsara’s flexibility from both a solution and financial standpoint made getting buy-in from leadership “super easy.” As Delta continues to scale and grow, they’re looking for an IT solution that not only supports their expansion, but also accelerates it. 

“With Samsara, we can manage infrastructure, fleet, and sites all from a single pane of glass: One application can view the whole company across three regions.”

Continued partnership with Samsara

Since Delta’s first Sites deployment in Anchorage, AK, they’ve added five additional sites within nine months and continue to expand to new locations across the US. Schilling is most excited about working with the Samsara team to continue to strengthen Delta’s operations and security infrastructure, while also providing real-time feedback on Samsara’s evolving solutions. Samsara is constantly improving and adding new features based on customer feedback, which constantly adds value to Delta’s deployment as well. As Delta grows their business, so does Samsara.

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