Building a Safer and More Sustainable World

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“Everything we do is in support of the people serving the world. Building technology-based solutions that make the world’s operations safer and more sustainable is one of the most important things we can do for society.”

Sanjit Biswas

CEO and Co-Founder

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Guiding principles

At Samsara, we’re guided by our principles of transparency and accountability, data-driven solutions, and empowering our people and communities. Our inaugural ESG report highlights where we stand in our ESG efforts, how we govern our company with integrity and ethics, and how we support, empower, and keep our employees safe. We share how we’re measuring our environmental impact, and the impact our Connected Operations Cloud has on customers.

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Empowering organizations to achieve their ESG goals

Our Connected Operations Cloud consolidates operations data on one unified platform so that customers can drive safer operations, increase business efficiency, and advance sustainability initiatives while improving the lives of their employees and the customers they serve.

Creating safer operations

We build technology that keeps people safe. We do this by following a data-driven approach to monitor real-time conditions and analyze asset status, vehicle use, and site visibility to improve safety across the entire operation.

Video-based safety solutions

Our safety solutions allow customers to view, analyze, and archive videos. We utilize proprietary AI embedded in our IoT dash cams to detect safety events in real time. By detecting risky behaviors like distracted driving, harsh braking, or tailgating, our system can alert drivers with in-cab audio alerts while video is stored in the cloud to provide personalized driver coaching. In addition, our Site Visibility application can identify unusual activity or workplace hazards.

50% Reduction in Harsh Driving Events
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ESG Attentive Driver

Reducing environmental footprints

We provide customers with solutions to reduce their environmental footprint with real-time data and intelligent analysis. With Samsara, customers can monitor carbon emissions, identify fuel and energy waste, reduce paper and food waste, and find the best way to transition to electric vehicles.

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Visibility into fuel & energy consumption

We help customers document their fuel emissions and track their journey to sustainability. Our reporting allows customers to precisely identify areas of waste in their operations and spotlight the opportunities for improvement.

35% reduction in idling saving an estimated 205,000 gallons of fuel
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There are a lot of factors that affect fuel use, but the main ones are driving habits and unnecessary idling–that is where Samsara is irreplaceable.”

Jonas Bidva

VP of Operations, GP Transco

Accelerating fleet electrification

EVs have the potential to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of transportation, one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Transitioning to EVs and operating a fleet successfully requires new intelligence about how vehicles are used on the job. Samsara provides a range of reports to help organizations determine which vehicles make sense for electrification, and report on fleet health.

Electrification Suitability

Operating sustainably

At Samsara, we are building a more sustainable future through smarter operations, improved safety, and greater efficiency. We recognize this commitment applies to the products and services we create for our customers, and to how we operate our business. Read more about our commitments.

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Sustainable headquarters

Samsara’s upcoming new headquarters will be the first cross-laminated timber (CLT) building in San Francisco, and the first multi-story CLT building in California. CLT structural panels offer dimensional stability that’s superior to conventional framing, with a significantly smaller carbon footprint. The building has been awarded LEED Gold certification, and all improvements made by Samsara will meet LEED Gold standards or higher.

We’re installing an on-site Renewable Energy Generation System with a roof-mounted solar panel system which will generate around 77,000 kWh/yr of electricity for the building’s use.

Employee & community impact

Samsara depends on the unique experiences and perspectives of team members across our company to develop creative solutions to complex problems and build an innovative and successful company.

Life at Samsara

Samsara offers a wide range of programs to support our employees and ensure they have a safe and healthy work environment. We are committed to increasing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) across all teams and ensuring that people from all backgrounds feel a sense of belonging and ownership of their impact.

Employee Resources Groups

Employee Benefits and Perks


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At Samsara, our operations are guided by our company values including building for the long term, adopting a growth mindset, and focusing on customer success. Our approach to corporate governance is no different.

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Our approach

We structure our Board of Directors and supporting committees to ensure fair representation and clear accountability. We require our employees to act appropriately and responsibly in the workplace, and aim to hold our manufacturing partners to those same standards. 

We also continuously look at our privacy practices to ensure best standards are met or exceeded to protect our company and customer information.