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Overhauling Fleet Maintenance with Samsara & Pitstop

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In today’s market, costs of maintenance are on the rise and the price of operating trucks are at an all time high. But what if you could minimize these expenses all while getting ahead of downtime? Built on the Connected Operations Cloud Platform, Samsara allows us the ability to not only aggregate and analyze our own data, but also integrate with our Partners like Pitstop, a fleet maintenance software powered by predictive insights, to provide you the full solution.

Join our team of experts as they lead you through:

  • Streamlining maintenance processes

  • Maximizing assets and productivity

  • Avoiding additional downtime with reporting

  • Predictive insights to reduce costs

Never miss out on opportunities to better equip you and your team.

Hope to see you there!

CJ Ramsey, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager at Samsara

CJ Ramsey Headshot

Rakean Zakir, Customer Success Manager at Pitstop


Jon White, Industry Expert, President at Jon White


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