On demand | Efficiency – 50 minutes

Ford x Samsara: Blissful marriage of telematics technology

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Discover a solution founded on a harmonious partnership between two industry leaders designed to drive peak efficiency for your operations.

At Samsara, we’re constantly building on our extensive experience in leveraging data for operational improvements. One such way is through our integration with Ford, designed to help take fleet management to new heights and extract the most value from your telematics embedded vehicles.

In this session, we’ll explore prevalent challenges faced by modern fleets and delve into the realm of OEM integrations that offer strategies to reduce overhead costs, optimize vehicle utilization, and automate workflows seamlessly.

Watch to learn how to:

  • Centralize disparate data on one unified dashboard

  • Leverage embedded telematics technologies at its full capacity

  • Reduce operational overhead by deploying easy, yet innovative solutions

  • Surface data-driven insights from comprehensive reports to improve efficiency


Eric Kim

Eric Kim, Product Marketing Manager - Integrations, Samsara

CJ Ramsey Headshot

CJ Ramsey, Technical Product Marketing Manager, Samsara

Steven Santostasi

Steven Santostasi, Enterprise Lead, Ford Pro Data Services

Email: ssantost@ford.com

Velko Severkoski

Velko Severkoski, Enterprise Lead, Ford Pro Data Services

Email: vseverko@ford.com

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