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Cover Your Asset with Assetworks x Samsara

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In this exclusive webinar, we will discuss the challenges facing organizations in regards to equipment uptime and availability. The City of Tallahassee will join us to discuss the challenges they’ve faced managing equipment in today's dynamic environment and how technology has aided them. Our expert panel will delve into critical topics, offering actionable insights to help you navigate these hurdles successfully.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Learn how to seamlessly integrate Samsara telematics data with AssetWorks FleetFocus to streamline maintenance, improve uptime, and fully utilize key assets.

  • Discover how to monitor and track asset utilization more intelligently to keep equipment in service longer.

  • Explore comprehensive preventative maintenance strategies to ensure you aren't caught off guard with costly repairs.

  • See how easy it is to bring fleet data into the broader FleetFocus product suite for lifecycle cost analysis, motor pool management, and more.


CJ Ramsey Headshot

CJ Ramsey, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, Samsara

Mike Koebel, Telematics Specialist, Assetworks

Mike Koebel, Telematics Specialist, Assetworks

Matthea Gans Customer, App Developer, City of Tallahassee, AssetWorks guest speaker

Matthea Gans, App Developer, City of Tallahassee, Samsara and AssetWorks Customer

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