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Adapt to Engage: Recruit and Retain the Next Generation of Workers with AI-powered video solutions

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How safety managers can adopt AI and get tangible impact for worker safety and engagement.

Nearly 1 out of every 3 workers will be part of Gen Z by 2025. Getting this generation of workers to buy into your organization’s safety culture requires a new understanding of their workplace expectations. Safety Managers are starting to reshape the work experience by leveraging AI-powered video technology. This upcoming webinar delves into the shifting dynamics of the transportation industry, primarily influenced by the demands of the younger workforce for enhanced driver-centric safety measures and opportunities for career growth. 

Learn how commercial fleet operators are leveraging AI to foster a more resilient business environment. We'll provide concrete examples demonstrating the tangible benefits of AI investments in safety tools – notably, a significant reduction in incidents and driver turnover, alongside marked improvements in driver engagement and productivity.

Join us to:

  • Understand the evolving expectations of the modern workforce in commercial transportation.

  • Learn about the transformative impact of AI on driver safety and professional development.

  • Discover real-world examples of AI implementation in reducing incidents and driver turnover.

Ingo Headshot

Ingo Wiegand, GM of Safety, Samsara (Moderator)

cortez tolbert panelist

Cortez Tolbert, Safety Manager, Satellites Unlimited (Panelist)

Mark Fontecchio headshot

Mark Fontecchio, Transportation IoT Research Analyst, 451 Research (Panelist)

Fontaine Schaber headshot

Fontaine Schaber, Customer Success, Udemy Business (Panelist)

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