Video-Based Safety

hd video

Detect and capture risk

Using industry-leading AI Dash Cams, Samsara automatically captures high-definition video and sends footage of important incidents to the cloud for review within minutes. We give you real-time visibility to protect your drivers and business in the moments that matter.

AI Dash Cams

HD Camera Connector

Empower drivers to build safe habits.

Keep drivers focused on the road with AI-based in-cab alerts, Virtual Coach, and Mobile Experience Management, all customisable from the dashboard.

Preventative alerts

Proactive driver coaching tools

Mobile Experience Management

Coaching Icon

Coach the riskiest drivers at scale with streamlined workflows

Coach your drivers on the road and at the office with robust coaching tools that ensure timeliness, effectiveness, and accountability. Incentivize safe driving using driver-centric gamification and create rewards programs to build trust with drivers.

Manager-led coaching

Driver gamification

Virtual coach

Safety Scorecard


Retain drivers and protect your bottom line

With benchmarking tools, safety scorecards, risk reports, and in-depth analytics, Samsara offers powerful real-time insights to help you understand how your fleet is performing compared to the industry, prioritise safety initiatives, protect your bottom line, and attract talent.

ROI Calculator

Safety Dashboard

An end-to-end culture of safety

Samsara offers top-tier support and implementation services to ensure a smooth and successful transition to a video-based safety program.

program design

Program Design: We help you identify goals and design an implementation plan with key milestones.

Installation image video-safety

Installation: Install Samsara yourself or work with our partners. Customise settings to your needs.

Training image

Training: Empower your team to communicate and launch your new safety program to employees.

program refinement video-safety

Program Refinement: We work with you even after your program launches to ensure smooth ongoing operations.

Flexible deployment options

By managing your safety program on The Connected Operations Platform, everyone from drivers to safety managers operates on the same real-time data.

High-Definition video Footage

Full HD video with Infrared LED for night vision and high enough clarity to capture the smallest details.


Built-in audio speaker supports optional in-cab driver alerts.


Advanced edge computing allows for live scene analysis and object detection.


On-demand video available for up to 100 hours of drive time.

EASY TO INSTALL for immediate results

Installs in < 15 minutes with simple mounting and activation.

Trusted by customers across industries

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