The 2022 State of Connected Operations Report

Learn how digitization is improving operational resilience, why intelligent tools increase employee retention, and how investments in sustainability are paying off.

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Discover what makes Connected Operations Leaders 
more resilient and profitable

Our report reveals what Connected Operations Leaders—the most digitally mature organizations—are doing differently. Compared to organizations in the early stages of digitization, Connected Operations Leaders are:







the state of connected operations

Insights from a global survey of 1,500+ operations leaders

As Internet of Things (IoT) technology has become more advanced and accessible, physical operations have entered an era of digital transformation. Samsara’s State of Connected Operations Report reveals how early adopters of digital technologies are proving to be more agile and resilient—and why they are better equipped to succeed in 2022 and beyond.

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Finding #1

Resilience and profitability hinge on digital transformation

Supply chain disruptions and rising costs have made operational agility more critical than ever. Digitization is enabling organizations to assess and respond based on real-time data.

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Technology is helping leaders operate efficiently through uncertain times

Organizations are leveraging IoT data to optimize efficiency through smarter, faster decision-making. 60% reported increasing their monitoring of powered assets in response to rising fuel costs. 95% agreed that digitizing their operations improves their ability to weather disruptions.

95% agreed that digitization improves ability to weather disruptions

Increased net profit

Digital transformation drives increased profits

84% said updating legacy technology is a high or critical priority for their organization—and modern operational technology pays for itself. Nearly all (91%) agreed that their investments in digital technology have increased net profit.

Connected Operations Leaders are outperforming their peers

Connected Operations Leaders—those who report the highest level of digital maturity across their operations—are 10x more likely to rate their operational resilience as very high and nearly 2x more likely to exceed revenue goals compared to those in the early stages of digitization.

2x leaders in digitization are more likely to exceed revenue goals

“With real-time operational data, we can make smarter business decisions that directly impact our bottom line. For example, we recently sold $10 million of underutilized equipment, freeing up cash flow to invest in areas that matter—like new equipment we really need.”

Farrukh Rafiq

Chief Procurement Officer and VP of Fleet, Artera

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Finding #2

The new industrial workforce demands modern tools and flexibility

Today, employees expect modern tools that improve safety, automate daily tasks, and are as easy to use as technology they rely on in their personal lives.

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Employees want safer work environments and better technology

69% reported that increased overtime in the past 12 months has resulted in more safety risks, and 74% said it has led to higher employee turnover. The most influential factors in recruiting and retaining employees are improving workplace safety (56%) and implementing easy-to-use technology (54%) such as digital workflows.

69% said increase of overtime resulted in more safety risks

what are your organizations plans for implementing emerging technologies

90% have already implemented AI and automation technologies or plan to by 2023

Emerging technologies—including AI and automation—are not replacing physical operations employees, but rather increasing engagement, enabling remote work, and offering greater upskilling opportunities. Of those that have already implemented AI and automation, 95% said these technologies increased employee retention.

“AI dash cams have helped us not only improve workplace safety, but further enhance a world-class culture where employees want to work. As a result, safety has become even more of a competitive advantage for us, and we improved driver retention by 15%."

David Serach

Director of Safety, Chalk Mountain


Finding #3

Environmental sustainability is critical to business success

Skyrocketing fuel prices, shifting customer and investor expectations, and the growing availability of commercial electric vehicles (EVs) are driving an increased focus on sustainability.

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Leaders are turning words into action when it comes to sustainability

85% said increasing the sustainability of their operations is a high or critical priority for their organization. 65% expect their investment in sustainability to increase in 2022, while only 2% expect it to decrease.

85% said increasing the sustainability of their operations is high priority this year

49% accelerated their transition to evs

Soaring fuel prices have accelerated the transition to EVs

88% said investing in new technology that supports more sustainable operations is a high or critical priority this year. Nearly half (49%) have accelerated their transition to electric vehicles (EVs) in response to rising fuel costs.

Investments in sustainability are boosting businesses’ bottom line

For organizations that have a formal sustainability program, the top-reported benefits are increased access to business opportunities (57%) and higher employee satisfaction (57%). 42% reported revenue gains as a result of their sustainability program.

42% reported revenue gains as a result of their sustainability program

“To achieve our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, we transformed how we monitor fuel usage and idling across our fleet. Now, we are targeting savings of approximately $1 million per year and a reduction in CO2 emissions from our transport vehicles.”

Karli Anderson

EVP, Chief Environmental, Safety & Governance Officer and Head of Investor Relations at Summit Materials

the state of connected operations

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For organizations to remain competitive and resilient, the time for change is now. Download our full report to see how Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology is shaping the future of connected operations.

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