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Samsara’s open API enables integration opportunities with a nearly endless variety of partners, providing a seamless experience across platforms in transportation and industrial segments.

Core Value

Technology and software providers can build innovative solutions for their customers on top of Samsara’s platform using our open API. This allows them to bring valuable capabilities to their customers, while providing seamless cross platform experiences.

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    Use open API to build innovative apps and connect traditional technology on top of Samsara’s platform

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    Leverage Samsara data and build applications to provide unique insights

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    Provide a seamless experience across platforms

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    Bring valuable capabilities to your customers

Become a Partner

Samsara solutions solve customer challenges across the fleet and industrial automation spaces. As a benefit of the Samsara Partner Program, you can choose to focus on one area or the other based on your business expertise, or you can create services across both to connect all aspects of your customers’ operations.

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Fleetio: Expand existing platforms with ease

Seamlessly integrate Samsara with Fleetio to optimize maintenance management, whether you use service vendors or have an in-house shop.

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Integrate data

Use our open API to combine valuable data from multiple systems to increase visibility and simplify management for your customers.

Find the Right Program

Not sure which program is best for you? Apply today, and one of our partnership experts will help find the right fit for your business.

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Existing Partners

Submit deal registrations, track your opportunities, and access the latest training content & collateral in the Samsara Partner Portal.

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