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Volvo Construction CareTrack

by Samsara

Bring manufacturer-grade construction equipment data from Volvo Construction CareTrack telematics platform into Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud, no hardware installation needed.




Samsara provides a single-source tracking platform to view all of your equipment in one platform without needing to flip between multiple sources, streamlining access and making it easier to manage your assets.

Gain improved visibility across your mixed-brand of construction equipment by seamlessly connecting Volvo Construction equipment data into the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud and manage your assets in one unified platform.

  • Provide easy access to Volvo Construction construction equipment data through the power of embedded telematics hardware
  • Provide visibility and access to Volvo Construction construction equipment data across your operations


  • Location
  • Odometer
  • Engine Hours


Available in North America and parts of Europe, requires an active subscription to Volvo Construction CareTrack Telematics.

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