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John Deere Operations Center™

by John Deere

Connect farm support vehicles equipped with Samsara gateways into John Deere Operations Center.



The Operations Center provides you and your partners with the ability to setup, plan, monitor and analyze your farm data collaboratively. The tools included let you make informed decisions more quickly and to easily see where you're making money — and where you're not. With this integration, shared customers will be able to bring data from Samsara Gateways to be monitored on the operations center map.


  • Instantly integrate Samsara gateways on support vehicles and gain access to near real-time vehicle location, VIN, heading, speed, and fuel levels
  • Improve efficiency and direct farm operations with precision with access to support vehicle data alongside JDLink-enabled equipment in the John Deere Operations Center
  • Increase communication workflow by complete visibility of your vehicle and equipment powering your farm operations


  • Monitor data from Samsara Gateways on farm support vehicles in the Operations Center
  • Vehicle VIN
  • Fuel levels
  • Location history
  • Heading
  • Speed
  • Engine on/off status


Available in the USA and Canada and requires an active subscription to Samsara. For current customers, refer to our knowledge base to learn how to get started with this integration and instantly bring Samsara support vehicle data into John Deere Operations Center.

To learn more about Samsara and our OEM integrations, reach out to your Samsara representative.

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