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Optimize fleet management by accessing manufacturer-grade data on properly equipped GM vehicles onto the Samsara platform without additional hardware.



Samsara’s integrated solution for General Motor’s OnStar Business Solutions brand is designed to streamline fleet management by enabling properly equipped GM models embedded with OnStar hardware to connect directly to Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud.


  • Elevated visibility into your fleet with rich manufacturer-grade data on GM vehicles from one single dashboard
  • Boost productivity and utilization rates by uncovering valuable insights to optimize fleet performance


  • Bypass supply chain constraints with cloud-based integration that doesn’t require hardware
  • Rapid deployment for immediate access to GM-specific data such as commercial fleet vehicle location, speed, fuel levels and usage, tire pressure, seatbelt status, and more on the Samsara dashboard


This integration is available on properly equipped MY2015 or newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles embedded with GM’s OnStar hardware.

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Supported Regions

Available in USA, requires an active subscription to Samsara.

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