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Monitor tire health through PressurePro TPMS integration with Samsara’s asset and vehicle gateways


Tires need to be continuously monitored to prevent tire-blowouts, accidents, downtime, unplanned maintenance, lower tire life, and lower fuel efficiency. The integration of data from Advantage PressurePro’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with Samsara’s asset and vehicle gateways gives fleet operators new ways to monitor tire health in real-time.

Learn more about this integration on the PressurePro website!


  • Drivers are alerted via email or text on any tire condition so they can catch an issue before it causes a tire-blowout or accident.
  • Fleet managers view tire conditions and pressure over time for each trailer in order to identify areas to improve fuel efficiency.
  • Maintenance teams access overall tire status across their entire fleet of assets and vehicles and dig into more granular data such as current location, current driver, and tire diagnostics to streamline maintenance.

Key features

  • Tire Condition Alerts: Email and text alerts can be set up for any level of tire condition, for example, critically over temperature, over pressure, or under pressure.
  • Tire Condition Details Page: Operators can visualize each tire’s condition, pressure, setpoint, and temperature. They can also click in to see pressure history over time.
  • Tire Condition Maintenance Report: Maintenance teams can view a summary of tire health across their fleet and filter based on tire condition to quickly identify and address critical issues.


The PressurePro integration is available for the Asset Gateway (AG26) or Vehicle Gateway (VG54) and later release. To learn more, reach out to us at Or, get started today with the hardware installation guide and the dashboard setup guide.

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