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Caterpillar VisionLink

Two-way integrations between Samsara and Caterpillar VisionLink.



View and manage your VisionLink-connected Caterpillar assets within the Samsara platform.

  • Collect data directly from your Caterpillar equipment with no hardware installation needed
  • Sync Samsara-connected vehicles and equipment with VisionLink
  • Track all of your Caterpillar VisionLink-connected devices in the Samsara platform, alongside assets from other manufacturers
  • Leverage Samsara reporting to improve utilization and uptime of your Caterpillar equipment
  • Seamlessly share VisionLink data with other systems using Samsara’s open API

Technical Features

  • Manage VisionLink-connected devices in Samsara
  • Pull GPS location, engine hours, odometer, fuel level, and fault code readings from Caterpillar equipment
  • Leverage geofence alerts and reports for utilization, dormancy, and time on site

Connect your assets to Caterpillar VisionLink Equipment Management Solution.

With Caterpillar VisionLink, you are able track assets, manage preventative maintenance and optimize utilization of all your assets. The VisionLink API integration to Samsara can sync Samsara-connected vehicles and equipment with VisionLink to manage your mixed fleet in one place.


VisionLink OEM integration to Samsara: available globally. Requires an active subscription to Samsara and VisionLink. For current customers, refer to our knowledge base to learn how to activate this integration.

VisionLink API integration to Caterpillar: available for current Samsara and Caterpillar customers.

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