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OEM Integrations with Samsara



Vehicles upload telematics data, like GPS and engine diagnostics, to OEM cloud via embedded cellular gateway.


Telematics data is securely brought into Samsara via cloud-to-cloud integration with the OEM API.


Fleet operators use Samsara to improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of their fleets.

Learn about OEM integrations for:

Fleet Managers

Samsara's ecosystem of OEM partners brings you high-quality data without requiring additional hardware installations.

Use one platform for any asset

Easily manage vehicles and equipment with embedded telematics alongside Samsara's aftermarket gateways, all in one unified platform.

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Works with industry-leading OEMs, no hardware installation necessary

Samsara integrates with manufacturers across industries, including light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles, trailers, and construction and heavy equipment, to make it easy for fleets to get the data they need without installing new hardware.

Leverage Samsara workflows, reporting, and open API

Bring OEM-collected data into Samsara's modern, extensible platform to unlock new workflows and reporting. Seamlessly share data with other applications, such as asset management and payroll tools, using Samsara's open API.

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OEM Partners

Partner with the fastest growing fleet management platform to create more value from your data.

Partner with the fastest growing fleet management platform

Over 15,000 customers use Samsara's modern, consolidated platform for telematics, ELD compliance, video-based safety, asset tracking, and more.

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Help fleet customers better manage operations

Seamlessly integrate OEM asset data into your customers' key workflows in Samsara, including compliance, driver safety, maintenance, dispatch, and more.

Create more value from vehicle data

Monetize vehicle and equipment data with Samsara's fleet customers, either through subscription services or by driving additional service and maintenance revenue.


Integrate your telematics cloud with Samsara

Cloud-to-cloud integrations make it easy for fleet managers to use the Samsara platform without installing a new device, and create new channels for OEMs to engage customers and deliver more value. Contact us to learn more about how to get started.

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