Site Gateway

The SG1-G Site Gateway adds real-time detections and AI features to any IP camera solution. Once installed, the gateway can connect up to 25 Samsara or 3rd party cameras to the Samsara dashboard, allowing you to monitor 30+ days of uninterrupted footage with minimal bandwidth utilization.

Flexible deployment options for your site

Bring advanced AI to any IP camera. The plug and play Site Gateway connects to your network via PoE switch and instantly start pulling in up to 25 cameras into the Samsara dashboard.

Bandwidth conscious settings

We only stream footage to the cloud when someone is viewing a stream, so we don’t tap into your bandwidth unless you’re actively using the system. We also downsample the footage by default to a standard bandwidth-friendly quality, with the option to request higher quality footage on the timeline navigation if needed.

Hybrid-cloud architecture

The Site Gateway will record and store footage on the device for at least 30 days and may be extended depending on the quality of the footage, the number of streams, or by enabling cloud backup on a per-camera basis. You're also able to indefinitely save specific video clips to the cloud library for coaching, incident review, and more.

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