Engine Immobilizer

Engine Immobilizer

The Samsara Engine Immobilizer allows fleet managers to remotely disable or enable the ignition of any vehicle from the Samsara dashboard, in the event of an emergency. With its discreet design and instant response, the Engine Immobilizer is ideal for preventing vehicle theft, recovering stolen assets, and managing access to vehicles.

List Price: $xx per unit. Requires Samsara Vehicle Gateway license.

Simple, flexible installation

The Engine Immobilizer works seamlessly with the Samsara Vehicle Gateway. Each cable is one meter long to make it easy to install in any vehicle.

Versatile, plug-and-play hardware

With its small size and ruggedized design, you can easily hide the Engine Immobilizer from view and use it in all types of conditions.

Manage vehicles from anywhere

With the Engine Immobilizer installed, you can use the Samsara dashboard to remotely disable or enable vehicles across your fleet.

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