Build Smarter Cities with Data Insights

46% of organizations are using external data sources to detect industry trends and get insights that drive efficiency, improve safety, and inform long-term planning decisions. But data is often siloed across different systems, making it hard to understand the real-world dynamics of how citizens and goods move through your city. At Samsara, we're investing in tools so you can use data to create safer, more efficient, more sustainable communities.

    Map showing harsh events in Boston


    Samsara aggregates and anonymizes data from over half a million commercial vehicles. Key vehicle behaviors, such as speed and harsh events, are visualized in an easy-to-explore dataset.

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    Driving Behavior

    The National Safety Council estimates there are over 38,000 motor vehicle fatalities in the U.S. each year. Identify hotspots for unsafe driving behavior, such as harsh braking, to make informed decisions on signage, community education, and more.

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    Map showing road speeds in Boston

    Traffic Safety

    Are vehicles traveling at reasonable speeds along arterial highways? What about neighborhood roads? Discover the road segments and neighborhoods where commercial traffic is moving quickly and where it’s moving slowly.

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    Map showing harsh events in Boston

    Data Exploration

    Remotely explore neighborhoods and intersections without leaving your desk. Download data from Samsara and combine it with your own systems to discover even more insights.

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    How IoT sensors are transforming cities

    City leaders, urban planners, and public works officials are turning to technology to connect their cities' operations. How are leaders incorporating smart technology into their decision-making? Read on to learn how IoT applications can deliver insights to help allocate resources more efficiently, improve quality of life, contribute to sustainability goals, and more.

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    Key COVID-19 Trends

    How has the varied response to to COVID-19 affected communities across the country? We dug into the data to find out.

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    There is a lot that goes into delivering the services that people have come to expect. Collecting good data is important in making decisions in how we deliver services.”


    City Manager, City of Fort Lauderdale

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    Connected city tour: Fort Lauderdale

    See how the City of Fort Lauderdale connects operations across 11 departments and 1,700 assets to improve citizens’ quality of life and achieve “accountability on the fly”.

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    Budget constraints can make it difficult for public sector leaders to implement smart city technology all at once. So how can you kickstart your smart city initiative? Download our free guide for tips on how to get started.

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