Track and reroute speciality vehicles

City of Fort Lauderdale

Problem to solve:

City of Fort Lauderdale received complaints from citizens about consistent bridge closures. In investigating the complaints, the City of Fort Lauderdale team discovered that the frequent closures were being caused by overweight city vehicles crossing the bridge.

How they solved it:

Marla Donald, Senior Management Analyst at the City of Fort Lauderdale, used Samsara to alert the fleet admin team when the city’s heavy vehicles were crossing the bridge so that the team could proactively reach out to the drivers and advise on the best course of action.

Here's Marla's tip:

01. Create a tag and add the speciality or specific vehicles to the tag.

02. Under Alerts, create a new geofence alert with a custom drawn geofence around off-limits area and added the new tag group to your alert.

03. When any of the tagged vehicle drives into the area, you’ll receive an instant text or email alert. With this alert, you can text or call the driver to coach in real time.


Over five months, Marla decreased heavy vehicle crossings by 90%.

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