SLB cuts distracted driving by 99% and reduces their accident rate

This energy leader enhances their US safety program and fleet operations with end-to-end visibility provided by the Connected Operations Cloud.

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Meet SLB

Lack of in-cab visibility slowed safety progress.

With US operations headquartered in Houston, Texas, SLB is a global technology company driving innovation in the energy industry. SLB values their people above all and is dedicated to delivering new technologies and outstanding performance to their customers.

Previously, SLB used a legacy telematics provider that reported on basic vehicle metrics such as speeding and harsh braking. When reviewing their telematics data, they needed to know if instances of flagged unsafe driving events were related to at-risk or defensive-driving behaviors, but without visibility into the cab, it was difficult to understand the situation without a complete investigation. Additionally, despite a year-over-year decline in accidents, SLB looked to further strengthen their safety culture with the most advanced technology available.

End-to-end visibility drives safety and efficiency.

As a leader in the energy industry, SLB decided to roll out AI Dash Cams and Vehicle Telematics to bring real-time visibility and robust data to their safety program. Installation of their 1,900 devices went quickly and smoothly. “Rollout was an easy process because of the simple, plug-and-play nature of installation,” said Alejo Ordonez, US Driving Manager, SLB. By deploying advanced safety technology, SLB aims to improve the safety of their operations and also inspire their peers to adopt similar preventative solutions. 

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Preventing accidents with AI-powered coaching.

Previously, SLB had limited visibility into their vehicles so when incidents occurred, investigations were manual and time consuming. Now, easy-to-access footage from AI Dash Cams helps cut investigation time by over 90%. Additionally, in-cab alerts help prevent accidents with real-time coaching—in less than one year SLB reduced distracted driving by 99% and decreased their accident rate considerably with AI-powered alerts and enhanced safety messaging. 


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Driver App

Driver performance data enables positive recognition.

Previously, SLB didn’t have sufficient driver behavior data which limited coaching opportunities. Since rolling out the Driver App, they have enabled personalized, manager-led coaching and promoted accountability with their drivers to proactively improve safety habits at scale. Today, SLB is proud to recognize the outstanding performance of their team with over 95% of their drivers consistently practicing ideal safety behaviors behind the wheel.


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