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How Papa & Barkley Simplified Facility Management With Site Visibility

Using Samsara Site Visibility, this cannabis manufacturer and distributor transformed their onsite operations by streamlining video review and reducing police dispatch calls.

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Meet Papa & Barkley

24/7 manual video footage review was time-consuming and leading to burnout

Papa & Barkley manufactures and distributes cannabis products in four different facilities primarily located in Eureka, California. In addition to the typical safety requirements of a production facility and warehouse–from worker safety to quality control—Papa & Barkley must also adhere to specialized regulations for the cannabis industry. As a result, real-time visibility and facility security has been an absolute priority since they opened their first facility in 2017.

To ensure compliance and promote safety across their locations, Papa & Barkley employs Facility Intelligence Coordinators (FICs) to monitor their operations 24/7. Using their legacy camera system to keep an eye on their expansive operations, each of their FICs would have to log in and out of their many systems while onsite, which proved cumbersome. With 167 cameras monitoring a collective 79,000 square feet, manually reviewing footage at this scale meant FICs had to spend the majority of their time watching footage, which led to burnout and inefficient processes.

Furthermore, the City of Eureka and the state of California strictly regulate cannabis production facilities and conduct surprise inspections. Retrieving video footage was an essential part of these inspections and before Samsara, finding the right footage could take hours.

As a rapidly growing company, Papa & Barkley was in search of an onsite camera system that could streamline their processes and scale with them. Whether ensuring quality control, providing footage for an inspection, or reviewing an incident alert, Papa & Barkley needed a smart camera that could integrate with their existing camera infrastructure.

Consolidated video data reduces time spent viewing and searching for footage

Papa & Barkley was an existing Samsara customer using the Driver App and Dash Cams. Because of their positive experience with Samsara, they were excited to expand their partnership and deploy Site Visibility in their facilities. While consolidating their fleet and facility solutions in one dashboard was a key driver, they were also impressed by Site Visibility’s intuitive UI, ease of installation, and proven safety, security, and efficiency benefits.

With Site Visibility, Papa & Barkley was able to integrate with their existing cameras and gain additional benefits from Samsara—features like hybrid-cloud video storage allow them to extend their storage time for inspections, while intelligent search quickly locates precise events needing review.

Site Visibility’s easy-to-use interface and intelligent search also helps keep Papa & Barkley compliant. Despite surprise field inspections by the City of Eureka, they have maintained a perfect score—the ability to instantly pull requested footage during inspections not only speeds up the process but helps facilitate a positive relationship with city officials. In fact, they are also now helping support additional city investigations from vehicle traffic to late-night criminal activity within proximity of their neighboring buildings using Video Retrieval.

Improved video review saves time and minimizes police dispatches

Site Visibility has given Papa & Barkley complete insight into their facilities leading to decreased manual video monitoring, increased ease of event review, and reduced police dispatch calls. After deploying Site Visibility, the intelligent search features greatly decreased the time spent manually reviewing footage, allowing the FIC team to increase their efficiency and effectiveness through enhanced precision and monitoring protocols. The Samsara Connected Operations Platform further consolidated their various camera systems, freeing up to 20% of their work week that was previously spent reviewing footage.

Prior to Samsara, Papa & Barkley frequently had police dispatched to their facility for motion-detected security alerts despite the cause of the events remaining unknown. After installing Site Visibility, they were able to pinpoint and resolve the cause of the alerts using the floorplan feature to quickly locate, view, and “clear” the area in question, and ultimately cancel the police dispatch. The culprit was hanging plants that would rotate due to slight temperature changes and trigger the security system, but once the hanging plants were removed, the police dispatch calls and associated costs were completely eliminated.

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