Mohawk Industries decreases route communication time by 93% with API integration

Harnessing Samsara’s platform to digitally overhaul their 7+ year-old telematics system and install dash cams for the first time, Mohawk Industries drastically improved their driver safety, routing efficiency, and customer satisfaction.



Meet Mohawk Industries

Mohawk Industries needed a unified platform to drive digital transformation, improve safety, and maximize efficiency.

Mohawk Industries is the largest flooring manufacturer in the world with 800+ tractors and 2,500+ trailers in their fleet. Looking to update their 7+ year-old telematics system, Mohawk required a connected platform to drive digital transformation across the organization and increase operational efficiency. Specifically, Mohawk sought a digital solution to improve their planned vs. actual routing, a manual process that impacted every aspect of their business, including customer ETA times and driver payments. The Mohawk team also wanted to install dash cams in their trucks for the first time to improve driver safety.

Connecting their operations to improve safety, empower drivers, and increase operational efficiency.

With the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud, Mohawk is evolving their efficiency and safety standards to create a state-of-the-art customer and driver experience that prioritizes accountability and retention. Harnessing Samsara’s Vehicle Telematics, Apps & Driver Workflows, and Smart Trailers solutions, Mohawk also successfully converted their pen and paper processes to digital, saving time and money, and increasing visibility across their operations.

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Vehicle with wifi

Real-time telematics eliminates route planning paperwork and improves customer satisfaction.

With drivers manually tracking routes, miles, and stops through written logs, Mohawk knew their operational efficiency was a fraction of what it could be. 

With Samsara’s Vehicle Telematics, the team has upgraded and fully digitized their entire routing process in just a few months, streamlining the driver experience and improving customer satisfaction through real-time delivery tracking and updates.


Driver App

Digital workflows transformed their operations through increased efficiency and visibility.

Digitizing processes for thousands of vehicles was no small task, but Mohawk leveraged Samsara to quickly and efficiently connect their data and operations within one streamlined platform.

As a result of digitizing pen and paper processes, Mohawk has saved hours of work, evolved their driver pay system to be nearly instantaneous, transformed the HOS experience for their drivers, and simplified their once complex and manual on-the-road processes.


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AI Dash Cams boost driver safety and accountability while improving retention.

Prior to installing Samsara AI Dash Cams, Mohawk had limited visibility into driver safety, and no video evidence to exonerate drivers from not-at-fault incidents.

Since deploying Samsara's Video-Based Safety solution across their fleet, Mohawk implemented an early coaching program that corrects behaviors in real time, raising their average Driver Safety Score by an estimated 350%, and even improving driver retention. Mohawk has also avoided several lawsuits and successfully exonerated several drivers in just 6 months.


Smart Trailers

Smart Trailers increase visibility and optimize utilization.

Prior to partnering with Samsara, Mohawk had their work cut out for them trying to track their 1,500+ trailers. 

Since installing Smart Trailers, they’ve experienced utilization visibility like never before, and they are leveraging this data to monitor and rightsize their fleet.


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