Liberty Energy: Innovating at Scale with Data and Technology

Learn how this leader in oilfield services utilizes the Connected Operations Cloud to save over $10 million annually.

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Meet Liberty Energy

To drive innovation, Liberty Energy needed to streamline their dispersed operations on a single platform and connect their data and technology.

Liberty Energy is on a mission to transform the oil and gas industry, both in practice and reputation. To do this, they use technology and data to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of their operations. Prior to Samsara, Liberty’s systems were not only decentralized but produced inaccurate data, limiting visibility and reporting. Operating in some of the most remote and hazardous environments in the country, Liberty needed a single solution that would unify their processes, provide accurate, real-time data, and ensure the safety of their distributed teams.

A single platform to transform operations

With the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud, Liberty Energy was able to gain complete visibility into their operations to improve data accuracy, decrease vehicle accidents, digitize manual processes, and make strides toward their sustainability goals.

Liberty Energy is the 2022 Samsara Connected Operations Awards Winner for Operations Innovator.


Real-time data provides accurate location reporting 

Operating across 45 to 60 well locations, Liberty needed a solution that allowed them to accurately assess, charge, and remit the appropriate level of taxes to taxing authorities. This required precise, reliable, and real-time location tracking data. After installing Samsara Asset Gateways, real-time GPS tracking and a custom integration with their tax service provider allowed Liberty to accurately report on their equipment, which they expect will save them over $10 million per year.


Liberty Energy Equipment Monitoring

Liberty Energy Video Based Safety

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Visibility in-cab and on-the-road improves driver safety

Crews often travel on rugged and unpredictable roads to Liberty’s remote worksites—without sightlines into driver safety behavior and driving conditions, Liberty couldn’t fully protect their team. With Samsara AI Dash Cams, Liberty now has visibility both in-cab and on-the-road to proactively coach drivers, recognize exemplary driving, and review incidents in real-time, resulting in a 50% reduction in vehicle accidents and $500,000 saved in incident-related costs.



App integrations unite systems to save time and money

Without a central platform to connect back-office systems, Liberty’s administrative team was spending a lot of time manually tracking down data. Using a turnkey Fiix integration to sync diagnostic and DVIR data with their CMMS, Liberty was able to save more than 10,000 hours and $250,000 in administrative costs per year—all while maintaining a lean back-office team despite the company doubling in size.


Liberty Energy Open API - Data Integrations

Liberty Energy Fuel Usage

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Fuel and energy reports create actionable insights

Sustainability, specifically reducing energy consumption, is a priority for Liberty but they needed tools to track their fleet’s fuel usage. After installing Samsara Vehicle Gateways, Liberty used fuel and energy reports to identify opportunities to decrease fuel consumption—by improving fuel efficiency and tracking idling, they were able to reduce fuel usage by over 25%.


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