Hoskins Equipment

Hoskins Equipment: Taking a unified approach to operational excellence

An integrated approach to driver safety, asset protection, and consolidated video gave Hoskins Equipment unprecedented visibility into their operations.

Hoskins Equipment

Meet Hoskins Equipment

Hoskins Equipment needed better visibility to achieve operational excellence across their 1,400 pieces of equipment, 30 vehicles, and multiple sites.

As leaders in high-reach equipment rentals, keeping up with their standard of excellence meant that Hoskins Equipment needed a way to operate more efficiently. Lacking clear visibility into their physical operations, Hoskins sought a solution that would enable them to stretch their resources further so they can work better, faster. 

Hoskins saw an opportunity to digitize their processes and take a unified approach to their operations across their drivers, assets, and facilities. At the top of their list was finding an integrated solution that can consolidate these solutions within a single pane of glass—empowering Hoskins to maximize efficiency and centralize their operations.

Centralized platform transforms their operations

With the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud, Hoskins unified their operations within a single integrated platform. By centralizing data and workstreams across driver safety, asset management, and consolidated video, Hoskins was able to transform their operations—decreasing incidents, reducing costs, and improving back-office efficiency. 


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Taking a unified approach to their operations

Hoskins’ previous security camera system was outdated and required tedious, manual review to track down critical video footage. Using Samsara’s integrated platform approach, Hoskins was able to leverage their existing onsite camera infrastructure and consolidate visibility. Now, they can access their vehicle camera streams, camera footage, and asset locations all within a single dashboard.


site visibility

Intelligent Search and AI features accelerate video retrieval

Hoskins no longer needs to manually sift through hours of footage with Site Visibility.

Both IT and line-of-business users can now leverage Samsara’s Intelligent Search and AI features to reduce the time it takes to review footage from a few hours/days to a few minutes per request.


Hoskins Site Visibility

Hoskins Video-based Safety

dash cam

Increased visibility improves driver safety and protect from false blame

With insurance costs rising due to on-the-road incidents, Hoskins needed a way to more effectively identify and coach risky driving behavior. Samsara AI Dash Cams increased visibility across their fleet, improved driver coaching, and decreased incidents. As a result, Hoskins reduced the number of harsh events by 97%.


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Track and protect high value assets

Lost or stolen equipment had long troubled the Hoskins team, so they needed a better way to protect their high-value assets. With Samsara Asset Gateways, Hoskins can dynamically track and get full visibility into their equipment fleet as well as other assets in the field. Now, Hoskins is able to recover lost or stolen units and resolve usage disputes with customers, saving them thousands of dollars annually.

“We had consistent issues with lost and stolen equipment that have already started to improve since partnering with Samsara. We’ve used the Asset Gateways to help us find lost units, recover stolen units, and resolve usage disputes with customers.”


Asset Tracking

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