How Eurovia USA Empowered Their Drivers to Reduce Unsafe Mobile Usage and Increase Seatbelt Usage

Learn how Eurovia USA reduced unsafe mobile usage and increased seatbelt usage with Samsara's video-based safety solution.

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Eurovia USA had limited visibility into unsafe mobile usage and seatbelt usage 

With a fleet of more than 2,000 vehicles moving between sites to support roadway maintenance, it’s essential for Eurovia USA to ensure on-the-road safety and protect their drivers. Eurovia USA suspected that unsafe in-cab activity, specifically mobile usage, was causing an increase in incidents. Eurovia USA also needed to ensure that seatbelts were being worn to protect drivers from potentially serious injuries.

Without visibility into the cab, Eurovia USA couldn't be certain what was causing safety incidents on the road—and they had no way to identify risky behaviors and coach drivers. Eurovia USA sought a proactive safety solution that could improve in-cab visibility, provide real-time feedback for risky behaviors, and empower drivers to improve habits on the road, before an incident occurred.

Proactive voice coaching helps drivers self-correct risky behaviors in the moments that matter

With Samsara’s video-based safety solution, Eurovia USA is now able to take a proactive approach to driver safety. Dual-facing AI Dash Cams bring artificial intelligence (AI) into the cab to help drivers self-correct a range of behaviors including mobile usage and seatbelt usage, preventing incidents before they happen. 

Using AI and computer vision, Mobile Usage Detection automatically detects when a driver is holding a mobile phone while driving, and No Seatbelt Detection automatically detects when a driver isn’t wearing a seatbelt at the start of a trip. Both of these features deliver an optional in-cab alert to help drivers self-correct their behavior in real-time. High-definition event footage is automatically uploaded to the Samsara dashboard for managers to review and coach drivers. Using proactive in-cab alerts and video-based coaching, Eurovia USA is able to help drivers improve risky behavior while promoting a positive safety culture.

“We’re able to help drivers self-correct immediately using the AI Dash Cams,” says Ruby Dubay, Vice President of EHS and HR. “For example, if a driver picks up his phone or doesn't wear his seatbelt, there will be a beep to remind him to put his cell phone down or to buckle up. This means we can help drivers self-correct in real-time before a potentially costly incident occurs.” 

Whereas the Eurovia USA team was only able to speculate before, the visibility now allows them to identify and alert when risky behaviors such as mobile usage and no seatbelt occur, empowering their drivers in the moments that matter. “Before, we could only speculate that unsafe activity inside the cab caused incidents,” says Dubay. “Now, AI Dash Cams give us visibility into the cab and provide our drivers with technology to help them self-correct and prevent incidents before they happen.”

Elevating the in-cab experience to put their drivers first with a world-class safety program

As a result of installing AI Dash Cams, Eurovia USA was able to significantly improve in-cab safety. 30 days after turning on in-cab alerts for Mobile Usage Detection, Eurovia USA saw an 80% decrease in mobile usage events. Similarly, 4 months after turning on in-cab alerts for No Seatbelt Detection, they saw a 76% decrease in no seatbelt events.

With Samsara, Eurovia USA has a technology partner experienced in change management when implementing preventative technology like in-cab alerts. Eurovia USA was able to achieve a seamless rollout by being transparent about how Samsara AI Dash Cams work. For example, Eurovia USA held field workshops to train drivers and leveraged Samsara resources such as the Safety Program Rollout Guide to educate their team on safety best practices. 

As a result, Samsara’s video-based safety solution empowered Eurovia USA to move from a reactive to a proactive approach, building a truly world-class safety program that empowers their drivers to take ownership of their coaching experience. “Samsara helped us with being transparent on the why,” says Dubay. “Why is safety so important? It’s about the drivers, first and foremost. The cameras improve our drivers’ safety and wellbeing so they can stay on the road.”

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