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E3 OMI saves hours on asset management with Samsara’s integration with Ford Pro

With the Samsara Connected Operations™ Cloud, E3 OMI can respond to emergency calls faster with the right vehicles and equipment while improving driver safety.

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Meet E3 OMI

E3 OMI needed a single solution to track all of their vehicles and assets.

E3 OMI provides a full range of environmental response services, including oil spill remediation, industrial firefighting, and routine industrial cleaning. The company is capable of responding to calls in almost any environment, which means they operate a wide variety of vehicles and assets, including trucks, light duty vehicles, boats, trailers, side-by-sides, and more. 

E3 OMI uses Ford Pro to track a significant portion of their light duty fleet, but had no visibility into their other assets. "When every second counts, you can't waste time looking at different systems to find equipment you need," said Jon Henneke, Corporate Compliance Specialist. E3 OMI needed a single platform that offered centralized visibility into their mixed fleet. They turned to Samsara’s turnkey integration with Ford, empowering them to respond to calls faster and uphold their commitment to providing the best possible service.

Seamless OEM telematics integration without complicated installations.

Prior to Samsara, E3 OMI was using a basic tool that sent alerts when drivers were speeding. Now, Samsara gives them a powerful platform to track and manage their vehicles and assets, as well as improve driver safety. 

For Henneke, integrating Samsara with Ford’s embedded telematics data fleet was painless. "With just a few clicks, we were able to connect our Ford vehicles to the Samsara dashboard," he said. "There was no need for any technical expertise or hardware installations. It was truly plug and play.”

With their OEM integration, E3 OMI can take full advantage of Samsara's offerings, including the Samsara Driver App. "Some drivers were hesitant to use the Driver App at first, but other drivers showed them how it works and they were bought in quickly," Henneke said. "We actually have our drivers self-train on the app because it's so easy, and now they're using it for HOS compliance and DVIRs."

Samsara provides complete visibility into asset management to accelerate response times.

With Samsara, E3 OMI has seen a variety of benefits, including significant improvements in driver safety. In particular, Samsara’s proactive alerts have enabled E3 OMI to see a 95% reduction in no seatbelt incidents. "We've lowered unsafe driving behaviors across the board, from speeding, to not wearing seat belts, to cell phone usage, and we've been able to exonerate several of our drivers after accidents," said Henneke. "One of our core values is safety, and Samsara helps us deliver on that promise to our customers." Samsara has also allowed E3 OMI to track and manage their vehicles and equipment with far greater accuracy, helping them respond to calls with the right assets faster. "Before Samsara, we would have to rely on division managers simply knowing what equipment was located at a particular site," Henneke said. "Now, we can tag assets by division, so we can see where equipment is located across all of our operations. Our asset management is much more efficient."

In addition, the company's ability to onboard new Ford vehicles has saved hundreds of hours in administrative time. "With the Ford Pro OEM telematics integration, I can add trucks to the platform from my desk," Henneke said. "I don't have to go into the field to physically locate vehicles and install devices. It's a huge time-saver for us."

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